Ahmedabad Diocese approves salary revision for priests

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Diocesan General Assembly passes major resolutions
Pats Oommen Chandy on becoming Kerala CM

AHMEDABAD : It is good news for priests belonging to the Ahmedabad Diocese.

The Diocesan General Assembly which met on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at the diocesan headquarters at St Thomas Chapel, Naroda, decided to revise the salary for priests working in the diocese. This was unanimously approved by the assembly.

The General Assembly was presided over by Diocesan Metropolitan, Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios. Fr Dr Johns Abraham Konat, Priest-Trustee of the Malankara Orthodox Church, attended the meeting as a special invitee.

The general assembly specially requested the Catholicose of the East, The Holy Episcopal Synod and the Sabha managing committee to transfer all the parishes, congregations, institutions and properties in the areas under administrative jurisdiction of the Diocese of Ahmedabad, to the new diocese.

The assembly also passed a resolution to transfer all parishes, congregations and institutions spread over Gujarat to the Diocese of Ahmedabad.
The Diocesan General Assembly also passed a resolution complimenting Shree Oommen Chandy, the new honourable Chief Minister of Kerala.
An education board was constituted by the diocese for the management and administration of the schools in the diocese.

The diocese general body also adopted the annual report and annual accounts for the fiscal 2010-2011. The Honorary Internal auditor and statutory auditor for 2011- 2012 were also appointed by the general assembly.

The newly-formed Ahmedabad Diocese has 29 parishes and 7 congregations in the diocese. Representatives from all the parishes and congregations attended the meeting.

Diocesan secretary Fr Joji George delivered the welcome speech and read out the minutes of the previous meeting held on September 22, 2010.


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