MGOCSM, OCYM B’lore Diocese to host Talents Day contest

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BENGALURU: After several new ventures the Bangalore Diocese is now gearing itself to bring all its talented youngsters to showcase their talents. It is hosting a talents day contest.

Youngsters belonging to the MGOCSM and OCYM having exceptional talents can showcase their abilities on a common platform. The talents scan is specially for those with abilities to dance, paint, quiz, those good at team work and lots of fun-filled activities.

The event titled Jeunesse (French word meaning ‘Youth’) is slated for the coming Sunday on July 17 at the St Thomas Orthodox Syrian Church, Bangalore East.

Much like the famed reality shows, you can also SMS for your best singer at the contest. Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan Bangalore Diocese, will also grace the occasion.

This will be a full-day programme in which the youth members of all churches from Bangalore diocese will showcase their talents. The competitions include solo singing (M/F), JAM, cookery, fastest verse reading, skit, character depiction, dumb charades, spelling bee to name a few. The annual Quiz Competition for Mrs Kunjamma Daniel Ever Rolling Trophy will also be held as part of the event.


When: July 17, 2011 (Sunday)
Where: St Thomas Orthodox Syrian Church, Bangalore East
Time: 10.30 am onwards

Contact persons:
Fr Saji Daniel, Vice President
+91-96111 46669
Ajit George, General Secretary
+91-98456 98669
Aaron Mathew, Programme Coordinator
+91-98862 17383
Bejoy John, Secretary, San Thome Youth
+91-96630 79244
E: [email protected]

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  1. Nice design, Good work Bangalore youth.

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