OCYM UAE Zonal Committee bids farewell to Zonal President

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SHARJAH: St. Gregorios Orthodox Church Sharjah played host to the farewell meet organized by OCYM UAE Zonal Committee on 27th May 2011.

Zonal Secretary – 2010 and Ex Officio Rinu Thomas in his welcome speech highlighted the dynamic leadership of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Unit Presidents, which enabled the individual units and OCYM UAE Zone to scale soaring heights. Fr. Abraham John, President-designate, St. Gregorios Church, Sharjah was also welcomed to the Zonal Committee.

Fr. Saji Abraham President, St. Dionysius Church OCYM, Al Ain, Fr. Jacob Thomas, President, St. Gregorios Church, OCYM, Al Ain, Fr. Manoj N Rajan, President, St. Mary’s Church OCYM, Ras Al Khaimah and Fr. Abraham John spoke on the occasion.

Farewell mementoes were presented to Fr. George Abraham, President, St. Gregorios Church OCYM, Sharjah, Fr. Biju P Thomas, President, St. Thomas Cathedral OCYM, Dubai and Fr. Johnson Daniel, UAE Zonal President and Unit President of St. George Cathedral OCYM, Abu Dhabi.

In their reply addresses, the outgoing priests wished the Zonal OCYM all the blessings and stressed on the importance of continuing the fellowship.

Thomas K George Joint Secretary, St. Gregorios Church Sharjah proposed the vote of thanks.


News sent in: Reji Mathew Meenadom

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