Dr Mar Milithios to visit St Gregorios Orthodox Church in Canada

Written By: on May 10th, 2011 and filed under Features, News, Northeast America.

TORONTO: Dr Yuhanon Mar Milithios, Metropolitan of the Thrissur Diocese, has reached Canada as part of his two-month visit to US and Canada.

The Metropolitan after the send off ceremony in Philadelphia for former Metropolitan of North East American Diocese Mathews Mar Barnabasis, has now traveled to Toronto for two weeks.

Mar Milithios will be visiting St Gregorios Church and St Gregorios congregation, which are two different places of worship

St Gregorios Orthodox Church of Toronto is part of the Northeast American Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

After his return from Canada, Mar Milithios will be in Orlando, Florida for two weeks.

Dr Mar Milithios will be in the United States till July.

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1 Response for “Dr Mar Milithios to visit St Gregorios Orthodox Church in Canada”

  1. Oru Viswasi says:

    “Liju Cherian’s news report on Mar Milithios visit to Toronto, Canada is amusing. His Grace is reportedly vising his aunt here in Canada. He does that every time he comes to North America. To term such visits as visit to churches here is an attempt to give it a justification to be away from their dioceses. Others are also doing this. One suggestion is that we split Devalokom into two divisions and move one division to Dubai and the other division to New York. Then these bishops can visit Malankara once in a while to refresh.
    It is also interesting to note in the report that there is a St. Gregorios church and a St. Gregorios congregation. It is known to all that these two are fighting a case in the court for a long time. Metropolitans visit and make speeches, get kaimuthu and go. Why are they not taking any initiative to settle their disputes? Perhaps that is not fashionable.”

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