Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilos visited the Coptic Church in Abu Dhabi

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ABU DHABI: Metropolitan Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilos of Malabar Diocese visited the Coptic Church, Abu Dhabi, one of the Oriental Orthodox Churches on Monday, April 25, 2011. Fr. Isaac Amba Bishoy and Ashaia Haroun, a senior member of the Coptic Community at the Church, accorded a warm welcome to the Metropolitan.

Fr. Isaac stressed the importance of prayers in these troubled times and requested the Metropolitan and the Malankara community to pray for the Copts and for the Egyptians at large.

Fr. Johnson Daniel, vicar of Abu Dhabi Cathedral accompanied Metropolitan Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilos during his visit.

Ashaia Haroun reflected on their interactions with Fr. M.S Skariah Ramban during his tenure in Abu Dhabi. Both the Metropolitan and Fr. Isaac gratefully remembered the benevolence of the UAE rulers for the facilities provided to both the churches.

Dr. Mar Theophilos and Fr. Isaac exchanged souvenirs of their visit to each other and hoped further mutual visits in future.

Initiatives of OCYM, Abu Dhabi made the visit a reality and it the helped to re-establish the relationship of Abu Dhabi Cathedral with the Coptic Church in Abu Dhabi.

News sent in: Reji Mathew Meenadom

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