Children shouldnot be given mobiles, unless its needed

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Family is a miniature Church: Dr Mar Seraphim
‘Children shouldnot be given mobiles, unless its needed’

MUSCAT: Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan of Bangalore Diocese, Malankara Orthodox Church, has said that the family is the foundation of a society and its constitutes a ‘miniature Church.’

The Metropolitan was addressing the St Paul’s Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam, Ghala at the ‘Family Meet – 2011′ on Monday, April 25 at the Catholic Hall.

Dr Mar Seraphim, the youngest bishop of Malankara Orthodox Church, was the main speaker at the Family Meet on the topic ‘Family in relation to Church and Society.’

Presently in Muscat as guest of the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka, the Metropolitan touched upon various issues such as marriage, parenting, role of husband, wife and children.

“A person should know the kind of partner, whom he or she is marrying and a lot of preparation is necessary before they exchange their wedding vows,” Mar Seraphim mentioned.

Commenting about the influence of TV in the society, Internet and use of mobile phones, the Metropolitan was of the view that children should not be given mobile phones until they complete Class 12. “If it is really necessary, then give them mobile phones without Bluetooth, MMS and a camera facility,” he pointed out.

Rev. Jacob Paul, Vicar, St Paul’s Mar Thoma Church Ghala presided, while Fr James Geevarghese, Vicar of Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka, Muscat was also present.

Over 150 people attended the Family Meet held in the evening.

Yuvajana Sakhyam Joint Secretary, Aby Thomas, welcomed Dr Mar Seraphim and the gathering and elaborated on the activities of the Sakhyam for 2011-12.

Oommen John P, Program Convener and Yuvajana Sakhyam Vice President thanked Dr Mar Seraphim for his enlightening speech adding that it would encourage families to play a vital role in the growth of the Church.
He also thanked Fr James for facilitating Mar Seraphim’s participation in the family meet.

Princy Thomas sang a solo on the occasion while Viji Varughese compered the two-hour program.

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3 Responses for “Children shouldnot be given mobiles, unless its needed”

  1. Mirsa says:

    It is necessary because it helps parent to track their children

  2. Arun says:

    mobile phone is necessary for children and there is no need for sms, texting, bluetooth and camera in mobile phone and that will influence children for hiding talks and activities from parents..

  3. Arun says:

    Dear thirumeni,

    can you do something to stop camera, sms and bluettoth from mobile phone companies?? can you take a step to inform government to stop all there facilities in cell phone??

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