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Dr Mar Seraphim: Resurrection of Christ is a reality to be experienced

MUSCAT: After over a month of prayer and fasting, the Malankara Orthodox faithful celebrates Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, regarded by Christians as their most important religious feast.

His Grace Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan of Bangalore Diocese in his Easter message to the faithful says the cloud of fear, distress and uncertainity over us has given way to an abundant feeling of ‘resurrection’ and the presence of Jesus Christ is a testimony which is experienced personally by all. “The presence of risen Christ, the Prince of Peace, is for all and is available for each one of us. We feel his presence if we really need it,” he says.

Dr Mar Seraphim further notes that this reality of resurrection experienced by all of us is not story or a rhetoric in the present century.

The Metropolitans Easter homily focuses on four incidents connected to the glorious resurrection from the Gospel of St John.
The first instant relates to Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene (St John 20:16 onwards). Mary was saddened and crying when she came to the tomb and saw that the Lord’s body had been taken away with the rolling of the stone. Comparing this with similar present situations in life, the Metropolitan says that unhappy and sad incidents give way to hope and peace.
Second is the appearance at a gathering of disciples. The disciples were in the midst of fear of not seeing the Lord after he had risen. St John 19. From a phase full of fear and gloom, comes a new phase of happiness and hope.

Thirdly, is the scene of Jesus and Thomas (St John from 20:26). St Thomas was in total disbelief of not seeing Jesus and then Jesus appears to him in a locked room and said, “Peace be with you.” This Easter is also about moments of true belief in the Lord, says Dr Mar Seraphim.

Finally, Jesus appears to seven disciples (St John 21: 1-12) at Lake Tiberias. The disciples had set out to catch fish and were futile after several attempts to net a good catch. They had lost all hope and were thoroughly disappointed. At his moment, Jesus appears to them and tells them to throw the net as per his direction. “From disappointment we notice there is a moment of gladness and acceptance.”

Dr Mar Seraphim points out that all these four incidents had connections with Jesus Christ. Thoughout they were sad and were not convinced about the truth that is ‘Jesus.’ That is why, He appears to them repeatedly four times at different instances. He convinces them to become a reality and to get accepted.”

The Metropolitan further points that Christ is present for all, available to all and to all those who need him.
Dr Mar Seraphim has extended his Easter greetings to the Vicar, members of the managing committee and all members of the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka, Muscat.