Bangalore Diocese begins Holy Eucharist in English on ‘trial’ basis

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BANGALORE: The Bangalore Diocese under the young and dynamic leadership of HG Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan, has launched the Holy Eucharist in English on an experimental basis.

This is a commendable achievement from the nascent Diocese which will prove to be a boon for the vast third generation of Orthodox Malayalee youths who are more comfortable in English than their native tongue.

Dr Mar Serapahim had after taking charge last year pledged during his meeting with the youth movement and at the Diocese Conference that an initiative will be made to improve the spiritual life among the youth. It is in this direction that a conscience effort is being made to bring them into the mainstream.

The realisation of the English service was one of the major action plan which the Metropolitan had devised for the Bangalore Orthodox youth. This will enhance their spiritual life and also nurture the young generation into the Orthodox faith.

Presently, the English services of the Holy Qurbana are a month-old and held on Sunday evenings under the leadership of Dr Mar Seraphim and Aramana Manager, Rev Fr Abraham Thomas. There are plans to start the service at different areas of the vast metropolis based on its initial response. Youths are requested to carry the Holy Bible with them since there will be a Bible study after the service.

The service will also greatly benefit many professionals working into the wee hours of the night and are unable to attend the early morning Sunday service.

MGOCSM & OCYM Bangalore Diocese members have opened a page on Facebook with 377 members to date. The postings help in mass interaction and communication among all the MGOCSM and OCYM events in Bangalore. Updates of all their future programmes are posted here

Presently, the services are being held in a rented hall. Efforts are on to look out for more available spaces at various suitable places in the vast metropolis. The first service was held at Tharakan Memorial Hall, Lingarajapuram, St Thomas Town.

Kudos to Aaron K Mathew, Ajo John and Ajith Mathew George, Youth Executive committee members, in mobilizing the youth and putting out the show unitedly.

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2 Responses for “Bangalore Diocese begins Holy Eucharist in English on ‘trial’ basis”

  1. This is wonderful news!!
    I would be grateful to know if the Dubai church has started a weekly English service because we now go to the Anglican Church where we can understand everything and take part in the service and hymns. I would like to be able to go our church and understand what is going on.
    When I was younger and it was ‘compulsory’ to attend, I would keep staring at the clock, willing it to go faster. Sometimes I would close my eyes and count up to 300 to see how accuraely I had counted out 5 minutes.

    The only times I could participate were during the Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary that I had learnt by heart. I also loved to say meenameen loudly because it has a nice tune. I never understood what the Nicene Creed meant but I could follow the priest leading up to it and would enthusiastically say “Vishwasikinhu” as loudly as the meenameen.
    Much later, the priest would turn around, put his hand to his heart and say something to the effect of ‘I am a weak sinner’ and ask everyone to pray for him. That was when I knew that the service was nearing its end. As children we sat in front so there wasn’t a big line to get the blessing with the cross and we would go to play outside while our parents chatted and gossipped.
    Please bring English to more churches if you want to retain your congregation.

  2. Baboi George says:

    Abyachen, Lenten greetings –
    A new Service Book of the Holy Eucharist was printed and the copies are available for distribution, primerily for non-malayalam speaking youngsters.
    This book was compiled by Royahen and printed at St.Joseph’s Press, TVM
    where it can be sourced at printing cost. When you have formatted a universal orthodox approved version by the synod please let us have a copy too.
    Meanwhile, we wish you every success in implementing another facet to our unique worshipping pratice – May God Bless us all
    Baboi and family, London, U.K

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