OCYM Annual Conference to Take Place in October at Delhi

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This Year’s Theme will be ‘Learning St. Thomas Heritage and Lessons of Discernment’
Mid Lent Wednesday To be Observed as ‘Day of Prayer’
Use Voting Rights Intelligibly and Prayerfully

KOTTAYAM: Metropolitan Yuhanon Mar Polycarpos, President, OCYM, issued orders to all units of the Movement to get themselves ready for this year’s Annual Conference, which will take place at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Hauz Khaz, and will be conducted under the auspices of the Diocese of Delhi. Dates for the conference were confirmed as October 5, 6, 7, and 8.

The order that also address current geological and political fiascoes around the globe as well as election scenario in Kerala was dated March 20, 2011 and was issued from the St. Thomas Bhavan, Central Office of OCYM, near Old Seminary, Kottayam.

Usually the OCYM Annual Conferences are conducted in May. However, due to the location outside Kerala this year, the dates are pushed 5 months later.

“‘Learning St. Thomas Heritage and Lessons of Discernment’ will be the theme for this year’s conference”, says the order from Metropolitan Mar Polycarpos. “Handbook on the theme will soon be published. Diocesan level seminars basing the main theme shall be conducted on a timely manner”, urges the Metropolitan.

Since the conference was to take place in Delhi, each parish should select two members to represent the unit at the conference. Registrations should be made before May 30 and registration fees would be Rs 200.00. Train charges remained Rs 1200.00. Therefore, total registration for each representative would be Rs 1400.00 and should be paid by the respective parishes, orders the OCYM President.

The order further admonishes OCYM members to offer special prayers for everyone working in the Arabian Gulf that they are protected spiritually, physically and economically. The order also admonishes the Youth of the Church to pray for spiritual strenght and comfort of all, who were affected by the recent tsunami in Japan. Members of OCYM are exhorted also to pray to God to protect humanity from potentially harmful radiations possible from atomic reactors all around the world. “Everyone is duty bound to do everything possible for accomplishing the above said in the name of God. It is our duty to do so during prayers of seven watches of the day. Moreover, Mid Lent Wednesday shall be observed as ‘Day of Prayer’”, exhorts Metropolitan Mar Polycarpos.

President of OCYM quoted St. Matthew 10:16 to remind all members with voting right to remain intelligent like serpents and innocent like doves. “Use your voting right intelligibly and prayerfully as a weapon against those, who pose stumbling blokes against accomplishing justice for the Church. You shall also follow guidelines given from the Church leadership from time to time”, concludes the order from Metropolitan Mar Polycarpos.

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