Observe Holy Lent Strictly to Receive Heavenly blessings: Dr. Mar Dionysius

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BHOPAL: “Holy Lent is an utmost important event in one’s life , and one should follow the lent strictly to receive blessings upon blessings from heaven”, said Metropolitan Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius of the Diocese of Calcutta. Metropolitan was addressing the faithful during his two day visit, 19, 20 March 2011, to the St. Thomas Cathedral, Bhopal, .

Dr. Mar Dionysius also blessed the new house bought by the Cathedral and dedicated it to the Church. Mar Dionysius also launched the new website of St. Thomas Cathedral, Bhopal. He also appreciated the parish members, who worked behind the creation of the website.

Chor-Episcopos Mathias Ramban, the Diocesean Secretary, Fr. Geevarghese Ramban, Vice-president of Bhilai Mission, Fr. Raju Thomas, Treasurer Bhilai Mission, Fr. Joseph Sunny John, Principal, MGM school, Itarsi, Fr. M. J. Mathew, Vicar, St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Kolar, Fr. Abraham P. J., Manager, Abhaya Niketan, Makodiya, Fr. T. S. Mathai, Vicar, St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Bhopal, and Fr. Giju George, the Asistant vicar were also present during the occasion.

News Sent In: Fr. P. S. Varghese

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1 Response for “Observe Holy Lent Strictly to Receive Heavenly blessings: Dr. Mar Dionysius”

  1. Where does it say that we will receive extra blessings if we abstain from meat during the 50 days leading up to Easter? Once upon a time Christians abstained from meat, fish, eggs and milk whenever they observed a religious fast. Then milk and eggs were allowed and then fish so now all one has to do is refrain from meat consumption. This itself should prove that these are man made rules for the greater glorification of the church and not of Christ.
    I don’t remember Jesus forcing His disciples to fast with him or telling them that they shall store up great blessings in heaven if they would only refrain from having milk, eggs, fish and meat… well okay you can have milk but nothing else, okay…. what d’you mean eggs also? Well… if you insist… C’mon don’t start with fish! Just because you are fishermen doesn’t mean… okay but that’s it, And chicken is meat, okay?
    That’s how it seems to have ended up becoeming the Malankara Orthodox tradition. Check how the people feel about what should or should not be included and keep them happy but try and induce guilt by insisting on everyone abstaining from something during all these so-called fasting periods. And how many of them there are!
    Before His birth and before His resurrection we have 75 days of abstinence. Then there’s something for 3 days and for 9 days and 11 days and 15 days and all Fridays and possibly Wednesdays too. I could have some of these figures wrong as I’m digging them up from ancient memory but come on! Why can’t we simply celebrate good news without trying to contrast it by abstaining before it.
    What do all fasters look forward to? The feast, of course! On Holy Saturday are they thinking about Christ resurrected or Appam and stew [and Easter eggs and chocolates if you're younger]?
    So don’t create God in the shape of the church and tell us about the showers of blessings for fasters and nothing for anyone else.

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