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Our Church Should Launch Joseph M Puthuserry as an Independent Candidate in Thiruvalla

Our Church should launch Joseph M Puthuserry as an Independent Candidate in Thiruvalla
Time to Reconstitute Orthodox Congress

It is evident, UDF did injustice to our Church, the second largest Christian body of voters in Kerala, and it is visibly clear in denying Thiruvalla constituency seat to Joseph M Puthuserry, the sitting MLA of Kalooppara. In the present assembly, we had two members, Oommen Chandy (Congress) from Puthupaaly and Joseph M Puthuserry (Kerela Congress M) from Kalloopara. Traditionally both Thiruvalla and Kalloopara, belonged to Orthodox Church Candidates. During early days late Mr. P.C.Thomas, who was a member of our Paliakara Church, was the representative of Thiruvalla constituency for many years. After him, Mammen Mathai and Mathew T Thomas represented Thiruvalla, both from the Marthoma Church.

Joseph M. Puthussery is a prominent young political leader from Kalluppara St. Mary’s Orthodox Church. He was also elected three times as the Member of the Legislative Assembly (M.L.A) from the Kallooppara constituency in the year 1991, 2001 and 2006. He is the sitting M.L.A of the Kalloopara constituency and is a member of the Kerala Congress (M) group.

But in the case of Kalloopara, it completely belonged to Orthodox Church Candidates, at least for the last 30 years though. T.S.John and Joseph M Puthuserry (both are from Kaloopara Parish) represented Kallopara. However, due to the recent constituency resettlement, Kalloopara vanished away and became part of history. Now a lion part of former Kalloopara constituency has been attached to Thiruvalla. LDF offered the seat to the sitting MLA Mathew T Thomas, who is a member of Marthoma Church, whereas UDF denies seat to Joseph M Puthuserry, the beloved son of our Church. In fact, he deserves the Thiruvalla seat, which the UDF allottes to Victor Thomas, a member of Marthoma Church. This we cannot accept, because in both Thiruvalla-Kalloopara area, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church has many Parishes and has a majority of voters in comparison to Marthoma Church. To substatnitate this, let the numbers talk: Orthodox Church has two main ancient Churches in this Constituency, namely, Palliakara Church and Kalloopara Valliapally and have more than 85 parishes in this area. Marthoma Church is playing power politics and in the recent years both UDF and LDF chooses candidates only from the Marthoma Church. Their plus point is that their headquarters is situated in Thiruvalla.

Clearly, it is time for us to change our political policy. If not, we cannot expect more than one member (Oommen Chandy from Puthupally) in the coming Kerala assembly. So we have to put pressure on both fronts. If we are not getting favor from these two fronts we have to launch independent candidates in at least 10 constituencies. Although our candidates may not win everywhere, we can exhibit our strength in these areas. But I think, in Thiruvalla we can win. Joseph M Puthuserry has a good reputation in this area, and in addition, Thiruvalla is the headquarters of the Niranam Diocese. If H.G.Christostomos Thirumeni and our all priests from Niranam and all our beloved Church members put their hands together and are united for this right cause and extend their support to Puthuserry he will surely win.

It is time to reconstitute Orthodox Congress, a movement of the eighties. Church should allow her members to actively participate in politics with explicit support and should stand as a mouth for the powerless. This kind of advocacy will improve the confidence of our people and it will be ultimately a benefit for our Church. Joseph M Puthuserry should courageously and confidently launch an independent candidacy in Thiruvalla. Our Church should extend our whole heated support and shower her abundant blessings upon her beloved son. Puthuseery, go ahead. You will have the support of your Mother Church. May the God bless you!

Fr. Thomas Philipose
A voter of Thiruvalla