Catholicose given rousing welcome upon arrival in Muscat

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MUSCAT: Moran Mar Baselious Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan, arrived in Muscat on March 17, Thursday morning on a three-day visit to the Sultanate of Oman.

Upon arrival at the Ruwi Church PCO compound at 10.25 am, members of the managing committee of MGOC gave the Supreme Head of the Indian Orthodox Church a rousing welcome with chants of Jai, Jai Catholicose renting the air.

Elders, women and children dressed in white robes with palm leaves welcomed the His Holiness along the route.

Walking a few distance, the Supreme Head entered the MGOC parsonage and was welcomed by Rev Fr James Geevarghese, Vicar, MGOC by handing over the candle.

The Catholicose then led the congregation at the chapel for the afternoon prayers.

Earlier, upon arrival at the Muscat International Airport, the Catholicose was heartily welcomed by Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Fr James Geevarghese, Vicar, MGOC, P C Cherian (Trustee), John Thomas (Secretary), Diocesan Council Members Cherian P Thomas, and members of the Executive Committee.

Fr Dr Johns Abraham Konattu (Priest-Trustee, MOSC), M G George Muthoot (Lay Trustee, MOSC), Deacon Jis Johnson, Secretary to His Holiness, also arrived along with the Catholicose from India.

Fr C S Mathew, Vicar, Sohar Church, Fr Varghese George were also present at the welcoming ceremony.

Later, a press conference was addressed by the Catholicose at the MGOC chapel.

There will be public reception for the Catholicose in the evening after the evening prayers.


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