Giant Garland to the Supreme Head of the Church from Janakpuri Church

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NEW DELHI: A giant garland to the Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II from St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Janakpuri, New Delhi, evoked curiosity among attendees of the public reception in the Pontiff’s honor.

Diocese of Delhi organized this meeting at the INI Tyagaraja Stadium to felicitate the newly installed Supreme Shepherd of Malankara Church on March 13, 2011.

While Fr. P.K. Thomas, Vicar of St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Janakpurai and Jiji K. Ninan, the Secretary, garlanded Bava Thirumeni, an overwhelming ovation from the more than 5000 people crowd marked it as a grand appreciation to the act of respect towards the supreme head of their Church.

All parishes from Delhi, Ludhiyana, Punjab, Kanpur, Haryana, and Jaipur paid their reverence to the Highest Shepherd of Orthodox Christians in Malankara.

At the entrance of stadium the Pontiff, Metropolitans and other dignitaries were welcomed with percussional accompaniment, ornamented Umbrellas and floral palates.

More than five thousand faithful arrived to welcome the Pontiff and the organizers presented each one of them with a keychain with an imprint of the Pontiff’s picture as a memento.

News sent in: Joji Ninan

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2 Responses for “Giant Garland to the Supreme Head of the Church from Janakpuri Church”

  1. JG says:

    I agree with Tenny. Seems rather extravagent and unneeded. Let us return to the Way, lest we fall to the wayside. I hope HH will take a stand against such displays of extravagence moving forward. Seems rather a waste of time to even document something such as a “giant garland”. Quite frankly, I’m ashamed I even read this.

  2. Tenny Thomas says:

    I am rather very very surprised to see several reception meetings arranged for His Holiness the Catholicos during the solemn Lenten season. Are we not aware that we are the Orthodox Church? Reception to the Catholicos is necessary and it is wonderful that there is an air of excitement with the new Catholicos and new Metropolitans. There is hope for change and growth. Do we not have time outside the Lenten Season to arrange such an event?

    How much money is being spent on these arrangements? That ‘giant garland’ will just rot in a few days. Why waste money when so many in our own church do not have the means to even eat one meal a day. The real changes which have had an effect on history, are not mere administrative reorganizations: they are changes of heart, as Scripture tells us. If we do not expose our heart to the beneficial tempest of the Spirit, then generous and prophetic initiatives cannot be born from it. Humility and giving ourselves over to the guidance of the Holy Spirit is the best we can do. May God help us!

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