Fr. Dr. M.P. George and Sruthi School of Music Form an Astounding World of Music

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NEW DELHI: Sruthi Choir led by Fr. Dr. M.P. George formed an astounding world of music at the INI Tyagaraja Stadium, New Delhi, during the public meeting organized by Diocese of Delhi to felicitate the newly installed Supreme Shepherd of Malankara Church on March 13, 2011.

The curtain for the meeting rose with verse line chanted by Fr. Dr. M.P. George in Sanskrit.
Fr. Dr. George, who reached Delhi a week ago, gave special training to the Sruthi Choir, Delhi. Fr. Dr. George is professor of Liturgical Music at the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam and Director of Sruthi School of Liturgical Music. Thomas Alias served as coordinator for the Sruthi Choir, Delhi.

Annie Yohannan, famous Delhi based fashion designer, prepared designs for the attire of Sruthi Choir, Delhi.

The same choir sung during the Holy Qurbana at Hauz Khaz Cathedral, New Delhi, on Sunday Morning as well, which the Pontiff celebrated.

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