Dr Mar Yulios express solidarity with Japanese tsunami victims

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MUSCAT : Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Metropolitan of Ahmedabad Diocese, has expressed his profound sorrow over the killing of thousands after a magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit northeastern Japan, generating a tsunami as high as 10-metres that swept away people, cars, boats, crops and buildings.
The Metropolitan has intensely shared his solidarity with the tsunami victims that hit the Japanese coast on Friday.

Dr Mar Yulios has called for constant prayer during the present Lenten season and to be with the affected people in this hour of tragedy.

March 19 will see a lunar perigee, a time when the Earth’s moon will come into its closest point in orbit to the Earth. Metropolitan hoped and prayed that no catastrophic incidents occur.

Dr Mar Yulios who is presently visiting Muscat, hoped that normalcy would return soon.

The Indian Orthodox Church also has expressed deep shock and condolences to the government and the people of Japan.

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4 Responses for “Dr Mar Yulios express solidarity with Japanese tsunami victims”

  1. It has become a tendency for some of our Church members to assume that bishops go to the Arabian Gulf to thicken their privy purse. A few also think that Achens are also money greedy people and are grabbing money without a drop of sweat at all. This kind of allegations need a revision. Me being an Achen, I do not want to write too much thereabout, for it is the Almighty who truly sees and judges, what and how much an Achen or a Metropolitan gets (in what all ways as well) and what he does with it. Same is the case with lay people also.

    If you feel like one bishop is doing something wrong, be bold to write a complaint with sound evidences to the Malankara Metropolitan, whereby making it double sure in front of God Almighty that our hands are without blemish.

    Mar Yulios personally wrote once about his income in this column. Now, it won’t be wrong to ask Dr, Mar Yulios himself to how much he got and what did he do with the money that he amassed from his visits to the UAE before writing negative comments. It is also possible to inquire to the faithful in Gulf on the projects that Dr. Mar Yulios presented there that HG wanted to pursue. Most interesting thing here is that Dr. Mar Yulios did not say anything about a donation at all. He called only for prayer and had expressed his solidarity with the suffering Japanese as Metropolitan of Ahmedabad Diocese. That is all.

    This is lenten time. If one wishes to donate something to the suffering Japanese, let him do so. If you do not wish to donate, nor wish to give heed to the call for donation, do not give. Start talking with foundations and evidences. It will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Man keep on trying to invent more and more and try to control every thing under him. But it is foolishness. Even our next breath is His mercy. Hence, intensive prayer at all time is inevitable. Pray for your folks to keep us to lead always a Godly life and prayerful life.

  3. perhaps dr. mar yulios can donate some his “contributions” form his recent visit to the middle east to the Japanese people?

  4. JG says:

    May God Bless Japan.

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