Participation for Women in Church Administration To Realize Soon in Malankara Church

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KOTTAYAM: IOH has come to know that the Holy Episcopal Synod of Malankara Church decided to grant 33% participation for women in Church administration with full voting right.

All women, who are above the age of 21, having no outstanding dues, and have confessed at least once a year minimum, shall be considered eligible for election to the various ecclesiastical bodies.

With this land sliding decision women can vote in and get elected from parish general body meetings to parish managing committees, to diocesan assembly, to diocesan council, to Church managing committee, and to the Malankara Association.

Metropolitan of Trissur Diocese Yuhanon Mar Milithos presented a detailed report in the Holy Episcopal Synod on this issue. Metropolitan Mar Milithos’ report quoted from vast number of documents including from writings of Church fathers like St. Gregory of Nazianses.

The Holy Episcopal Synod has forwarded the issue for further studies to the Rule Committee. Rule Committee’s proposals need to be discussed in the Malankara Managing Committee and passed by the Malankara Association to become part of the constitution of the Church. Rule Committee’s proposals are expected to be presented in the next Managing Committee meeting and the Managing Committee’s decision shall be ratified in the next Malankara Association. With that women will have at last complete power to exercise their services to the Malankara Church to their full potential.

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  1. JG says:

    A long overdue and necessary change.

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