Sopore girls were friendly with Christian believers, says Kerala evangelist

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: An evangelist working with the Malankara Orthodox Church in Kerala has claimed that the killing of the two girls in Sopore in Kashmir may have had to do with the fact that they were friendly with some Christian believers in the area.

Paul Ciniraj Mohammed, director of the Salem Voice Ministries said he received a call from some contacts who told him about the killings and asked him to pray for them. “There are a couple of families in the area who are Muslim yet believe in the Gospel of Christ. The girls were known to them and were taught reading and writing by these families. I was told that the girls were also given some literature on the Bible for reading but they remained Muslims,” explained Mohammed.

The 56-year-old told TOI that he did not know the girls personally. “The last time I went to Kashmir was 20 years ago. The girls would not even have been born then,” he said.

Mohammed, who converted from Islam 35 years ago, said his ministry existed only as a prayer bulletin till 2000. “After that I used to send out letters through the internet, but even that has not happened after 2007,” the evangelist said adding he was currently under medication for leukemia.

“The girls were from a very poor background. Their father worked in a ration shop and the teenagers were doing embroidery works. That’s how they came into contact with some Christian believers who in turn introduced them to some books,” said Mohammed.

He denied that there was any significant missionary work in Sopore and added that there were only a handful of Bible followers and even they have chosen to remain discreet out of fear.

Source: Times of India

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