Diocese of Delhi organizes family get-together at Parumala

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NEW DELHI: OCYM of the Diocese of Delhi is organizing a family get-together at Parumala on June 11.

“The Orthodox community in North India, particularly in Delhi has a history of more than sixty years. Decades ago a few people came to North India in search of a livelihood and many of them have either returned back to Kerala or moved on to other parts of India or abroad. Many of these members are no longer with us and are only in our memories. The rest are in different parts of the country. The developments that we see in our Diocese today are the results of their hard work. Therefore, we want to appreciate and recognize the effort put in by members like them to lay the foundation for the Orthodox community in the Diocese of Delhi and northern parts of India at large”, said the organizers.

The event is part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the OCYM. Online Registration is available and those, who wish to register, may do so before March 31, 2011.

Metropolitan of the Diocese of Delhi Job Mar Philoxenos inaugurated online registration for the event. Fr. Stephen Varghese, OCYM General Secretary, Fr. Philip M. Samuel, Diocesan Vice President, OCYM, Fr. Thomas John Mavelil, Vice President of Acolytes Guild, Diocese of Delhi, and Fr. Bineesh Babu, Diocesan Sunday School Director took part in the event.

Convener: John Mathews (Phone 996-830-2195)
Coordinator: Jijy K. Ninan (Phone 981-800-1320)

Online Registration

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2 Responses for “Diocese of Delhi organizes family get-together at Parumala”

  1. John Mathews says:

    This is not the time to discuss that whether H.G Job Mar Philoxenos should quit or not. We however found a prelate who is humble in his behavior with deep knowledge and complete devotion to God and the Church. H.G is aware all through that in the situation prevailing in this world, whatever action H G took always appreciated. H.G is giving directions to all activities in our diocese and ensure to smooth conduct of it. H G has a sincere desire to safeguard the vision and mission of our Church. More over now H G has a dynamic assistant to take his vision forward and we the Youth Movement of the diocese, is always with them. May I request all of you to pray for all our respected metropolitans and give them support to hold our Church’s name high and maintain the national identity of our Church in the national capital.

  2. Sarah George says:

    I am surprised and wondering that Metropolitan of the Diocese of Delhi Job Mar Philoxenos is still holding on to the Metropolitan position inspite of his very poor
    and miserable health condition. His Grace should resign and let the Asst Thirumeni take charge . Look and learn form HG Mar Barnabas………………………..

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