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Byzantine Orthodox Ethos: A threat to Our Liturgical Theology? E.S.John, Australia

“I believe that warning about unbridled freedom is implicit in our Lord’s reminder, “wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

Man bereft of discipline is like an animal which is not tamed and disciplined. We have enough past experiences of drinking bitter chalice from the colonial imperial churches that have ultimately created an Indian orthodox church of organieed chaos, because of imbibing from any heretical whirlwind that bring us temporal benefits.

Discipline is like breathing and drinking water that sustains all other body system under control. If one aspires to cherish an Indian orthodox worship, the church must be insulated from all other alien influences that slowly can bring in corrupt practises, ultimately rebelling and challenging against the authority and discipline because one man’s food is another man’s poison.

Weed out all cosmetic and peripheral influences for keeping a pure apostolic church and its faith. We expected angelic gifts from the Dutch and the
British Governments and their churches; they came with olive branches and eventually formed branches of their own thorny denominations.

A stone-throw can make numberless ripples that can’t be controlled later because of the fluctuations of our thoughts seconds by seconds. Better keep away from all innovations and renovations because the impact of personal agenda will imprint upon the soul of the church slowly. Nothing is spiritual now; only a hybrid worship of personal agenda dominates in this world of a global fluid culture.

As our children yells out, ‘it is a free county and a free world and an open society”. If the church aspires to survive with its apostolic faith, discipline that brings a coherent culture is a must for our survival. Don’t borrow anything from anywhere because a crossbreed paradigm of faith has threatened our existence. Even the church denominations that sprang up few decades ago is stronger and capable of sustaining a better spiritual ethos among themselves and attracting people from our church than the 2, 000 year-old Indian orthodox church.

Nothing apparently is wrong in the beginning that may invite a disastrous war in the church later. Be careful not to adapt to changes as in the case of secular and social set-up.

Source: ICON