Malankara Metropolitan Assumes Charge of NE American Diocese; Mar Nicholavos to Discharge Administrative Duties

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KOTTAYAM: Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicos Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II assumed the charge of the Diocese of North East America as on Tuesday January 18, 2011. The decision of the Malankara Metropolitan is vide order No. MOSC/CMM/22/2011 and according to clause 95 of the constitution of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

The Malankara Metropolitan has also decreed that on behalf of him Zacharia Mar Nicholovos, the current Assistant Metropolitan of the Diocese, will discharge the administrative responsibilities until further orders. “We exhort you all to obey the orders and directions of H. G. Zacharia Mar Nicholovos”, urged the Malankara Metropolitan to the Diocese of North East America.

Earlier in his letter OL No.5/2011 dated January 12, 2011 Mathews Mar Barnabas, Metropolitan of the Diocese of North East America, requested the Pontiff to relieve him from all administrative responsibilities of the North East American Diocese and cited his ill health as reason therefore.

The Catholicos wished all blessings from the Almighty to the senior Metropolitan of America upon his retirement. “It is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge the Charismatic leadership of H. G. Mathews Mar Barnabas to build up the diocese to its present status. We praise and adore God Almighty for empowering His Grace Mathews Mar Barnabas Metropolitan with extraordinary divine gifts of prayers, simplicity and commitment to the Divine Call and to the faith and traditions of the Holy, undefiled Church. Along with the faithful, members of the Holy Episcopal Synod and other office bearers of the Church, we beseech God Almighty to grant His Grace all heavenly blessings to continue his pilgrimage”, says the bull from the Catholicos of the East.

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