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Peace at Malankara: The Faithful React

At the opinion poll posted by IOH to determine the popular voice, precisely the trend among the laity on factional feud within the Orthodox faith, 57% of voters have preached that both the warring factions shall unite. 37% have opined to separate. 6% of voters have suggested not to doing anything.

IOH invites you to post your opinion on these outcomes spanning not more than two paragraphs. Full details and place shall be indicated in the posting. IOH intends to submit your valuable suggestions with photo as a booklet to all Managing Committee Members for further studies and actions. Emails will be sent to those, who put forward worthwhile suggestions to send in their photo.

One group might say that this is fight for wealth. Another might suggest that this is struggle over power. However, what do you have to say to the Church leadership? What solutions do you envisage? Please write your opinions and suggestions. Serious ideas alone are solicited. Also kindly abstain from reacting to postings.

A friendly note to the members of Patriarchal faction: This is a request to the Orthodox Church members to verbalize their takes on this issue to their Church leadership. Please refrain from writing hereunder.