Do we need faith?

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“A man’s belief” says Dr. Albert Ellis, a well known psychologist, “determines both his conduct and character”.

Based on this concept, there are two possibilities before each of us as we look at life: we can base our conclusions about the meaning of life on what philosophers, thinkers, poets and historians tell us.

We can also base them on what God tells us in His Word. Either we take the Word of God and live by it – or we do not.

Many Christians have the attitude that the prophets didn’t know what they were talking about and that there are no such things as miracles or the Universe, then we do what the writer to the Hebrews (St. Paul) tells us to – we move away from Godly life.

The Biblical way to live a life is living by FAITH.

The prophet Habakkuk says “The just shall live by His faith”(Hab 2:4). Faith is an assurance of things hoped for, and a conviction of things not seen. Rather, it is taking the Word of God and relying on it. It includes believing what God says, simply and solely because He has said it.

Why did Abraham take his son Isaac to Mount Moriah?
Why did he prepare Isaac as a sacrifice?
Simply because GOD HAD SPOKEN.

Let me conclude this by commenting on the statement “Faith is having confidence in what He has spoken” as “God has confidence in what he has said – so we must also have”.

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