Metropolitan Mathews Mar Barnabas Decides to Call it a Day

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NEW YORK: Metropolitan of the North East American Diocese Mathews Mar Barnabas expressed his desire to avail retirement from administrative duties of the diocese. This was officially conveyed to the Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan in a special epistle.

The senior Metropolitan of the North East American Diocese communicated his wish to retire in front of the diocesan council that assembled on December 29 and he has intimated on his decision to all priests of the diocese in a separate Kalpana.

Final decision upon this matter has to come from the Malankara Metropolitan. If the letter gets accepted, the constitutional need will arise to convene the Holy Episcopal Synod to discuss the issue. Thereupon the Church Managing Committee will discuss and conclude upon the appointment of a new Metropolitan to the North East American Diocese. Moreover, if the resignation letter gets accepted, the Malankara Metropolitan will assume charges of the diocese. Consequently he can depute one of the Metropolitans to administer the diocese until a Metropolitan is officially appointed. Since there is an Auxiliary Metropolitan to the North East American Diocese, this duty will most probably be bestowed upon him, namely upon Metropolitan Zachariah Mar Nicholavos.

It was in 1993 that the then Malankara Managing Committee released Metropolitan Mathews Mar Barnabas from his responsibilities with the Diocese of Idukki to entrust him with reins of the American Diocese. The Malankara Orthodox faithful in America respectfully received the personality of Mar Barnabas that was clad in prayer and piety. His leadership was very productive and instrumental in many ways. It is definitely his achievement that the initiatives from the times of Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios, the first Metropolitan of American Diocese, were positively guided towards perfection.

The American Diocese found her abodes first in Queens and then after her division into two dioceses, namely the North East American Diocese and South West American Diocese, at Mutton Town, New York. These achievements are golden feathers upon the cap of Metropolitan Mar Barnabas. It shall also go deep into the annals of history that through is exceptional ability Metropolitan Mar Barnabas was able to inspire and guide a generation that was born and brought up in the United States towards the leadership of the Church, precisely towards the Holy Priesthood.

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