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Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement, popularly known as MGOCSM, was started by our spiritual leaders with a good intention for students at High School-College levels initially, if I am not mistaken. Later it was established in parish levels, especially in outside kerala regions, during the regime of late lamented H G Dr Philipos Mar Theophilus Metropolitan who was the President for a longer period assisted by late lamented H G Philipose Mar Eusebius, H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, H G Paulose Mar Pachomios, H G Dr Zachariah Mar Theophilos, H G Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim and other prominent priests who are in que for the decorated post of a Metropolitan.

Late lamented Theophilus Thirumeni paved way for this spiritual organization into parish levels with due respect and consideration to the parish priests, the initial student leaders of the parishes could perform its activities mainly in consultations with their respective parish priests. However, as time changed especially after the passing away of Theophilus Thirumeni in 1997, attitude of the student leaders have changed. They think that they are the whole and sole and needs no support of the parish priests and think that the President Thirumeni and others are always with them to support and protect them, which many a times causes an embarrassing situation leading to arguments between the parish priests and MGOCSM members. Many a times I had to warn the MGOCSM members of the parishes wherever I have served as they give less importance to worship and spiritual services and are engaged in extra activities, which I never entertain or encourage, instead I am sorry to mention that I discourage them, even though I may face hatred from them, which I am not at all bothered.

It is my humble request on behalf of my fellow priests to the present President Thirumeni, who is also my Diocesan Metropolitan/Superior and Vice President Thirumenis to advice students atleast during this annual conference, in the last week of December, to behave well, be disciplined,consult and seek proper advice and guidance from their parish priests. Hope that CoorilosThirumeni, Pachomios Thirumeni, Theophilos Thirumeni, Seraphim Thirumeni and other priest leaders especially Fr Varghese Varghese, my seminary mate, will advice the next generation MGOCSM delegates.

Fr Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil
Kalyan Parish,
Bombay Diocese.

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9 Responses for “MGOCSM Yesturday -Today and Tomorow”

  1. Varughese says:

    Dear Steve & Tenny,

    Let’s not fight over who is right or wrong. U guys should not be fighting over who said what & what not. Let’s not discuss on points which has different perception.

    Here, we should try and get answers for following points ………
    1)Is this the correct forum to discuss about such an issue?
    2)What are the responsibilities of priest / vicar.

    Well, though I have listed down the above points I should mention that I am no one to decide / discuss about responsibilities of a priest / Vicar. However I do not agree the manner in which Fr.Varghese Yohannan had decided to come on internet & discuss about such a matter which is supposed to be discussed with the Sr. members of the respective church / committee members / fellow priest / Thirumeni . I condemn this act of irresponsibility.

    To Fr.Varghese Yohanna – Request you to kindly do not spread hatred among youth, you should be a worried man if you feel that youths are going in wrong direction and not leading a spiritual life. In case you come across any youth (MGOCSM member) not leading a true Christian life then you should put all your efforts to bring him back on track to live a true christian life.
    These young MGOCSM members are the future of church/ society / Country and in few years they will be holding a responsible position. Unless they are molded properly they will not understand what is right & wrong. They see you as a person who could teach / lead / guide them to live a Christian life. Hope you wouldn’t disappoint anyone.

    Mr. Steve, how can you tell a priest “Get well soon …… “. He is a person who deserves to be respected. If someone goes wrong u should try to correct him. U cannot always win a battle with sword. Our country have seen lot of freedom fighters, but we are also blessed with a father who has taught us the way of non violence. With due respect, request your apology to Fr Varghese Yohannan.

    Mr. Tenny, you may have misunderstood what steve wanted to express. He never said that he wanted to change the teaching of the CHRIST nor he was trying to hurt anyone. U might be an editor, translator and what not, but he was just trying to express his feelings. In todays world, we can see lot of different types of believers who follow JESUS CHRIST. They may have different traditions / culture / style of prayer, however one thing is common “teachings of CHRIST”. It is more important to follow the teaching of CHRIST than to just speak about it.

    Talking about Choir, it is very much essential during Holy Qurbana. There is an old saying “Music comes directly from heart”, then why we should miss an opportunity to praise the LORD from our deep heart. And you do not have to worry, LORD is always there to protect & guide his children.

    Hope we all will put an end to this discussion & do something good for our family/ church/ society / country, rather than just writing good English. If we can save one life by changing bad / evil thoughts to good, then that’s the biggest gift we can give to JESUS CHRIST for his sacrifice on cross.

  2. Tenny Thomas says:

    “I think choir is something which adds a spice to the Holy Qurbana and in todays world of high tech and bluechip a Holy Qurbana is incomplete without a good choir and I also agree some may be having question that whether this choirs ever existed in the early historic days of Holy Qurbana and still it was good. But my answer for them is same times has changed (Kaalam marrunna ansirich kollam maaranam).”

    Steve – the above mentioned quotes are your words – you use the Malayalam phrase to refer to the need for a choir during the Holy Qurbono, do you or do you not? When you make reference to the choir in a service you are referring to the service as well…it goes without saying. I work as an editor and translator and have been doing that for the past 10 years. I am proficient in languages and so what you are saying is not rocket science that I do not understand your words. My saying – “What do we have to do next – change what Christ taught and adapt what is acceptable to our times?” – was a rhetorical question. I never implied that you said such a thing – I was just posing a question.

    However, if your usage of the Malayalam phrase was not referring to choirs in a service – I sincerely apologize for having misunderstood what you said. There is nothing more to say. May the good Lord guide His Church.

  3. steve says:

    I am not misunderstanding and i agree to Mr. Tenny Thomas about the concept of Holy Qurabana , Divine Liturgy. But iam sorry if u have misunderstood me as i didn’t mean to say about the Divine Liturgy, Divine Eucharist or mix all them up and present it by the word spice. But if anyone has mistaken it and specially mixed it up with the Divine Liturgy, Divine Eucharist then I am sorry I have no comments for that as it wise to keep quiet than to keep proving things …..
    Second making things or concluding things according to our thinking is common among human being and even before knowing the the inner meaning of a word or a line and then speaking on it doesn’t make any sense. In that malayalam pharse does it say that it is about the Divine Eucharist?… Does it metion that‘kolam” is for the Divine Liturgy ’? I never asked any one to change the thoughts about Christ and his words or the way our roots have been it was all about people who cant understand the needs of a new generation and what we are looking towards Malankara sabha for.
    We know the significance of a our church and above all the importace of each and every concept of the Divine Liturgy, Divine Eucharist. But still I will stick on to my word as choir is important till our beloved Baba Thirumeni bans it from out sabha…
    Last I urgue to all the readers irrespective of their Knowledge , Post and thinking
    Please ask, understand and then come to a conclusion for any comments made.

  4. Tenny Thomas says:

    “I think choir is something which adds a spice to the Holy Qurbana and in todays world of high tech and bluechip a Holy Qurbana is incomplete without a good choir and I also agree some may be having question that whether this choirs ever existed in the early historic days of Holy Qurbana and still it was good. But my answer for them is same times has changed (Kaalam marrunna ansirich kollam maaranam).”

    Even though the above article is about MGOCSM, I could not help but write a response to the above quote from Mr. Steve’s comment. I seriously request Steve to read his own comment. From when does the Holy Qurbono need spicing up? What is your concept of the Holy Qurbono?

    Do not misunderstand me – Choirs are a blessing when they lead the rest of the congregation in unison in worship. They are NOT there to spice up a Qurbono. “The Liturgy is the most sacred action of the Church, the sun around which, like planets, the other worship services of the Church revolve. It is the holy ceremony, the Divine Mystery of Communion, by which the spiritual and even secular lives of the faithful are sanctified. The Liturgy is a rational service of worship offered “for the whole cosmos, and for the Holy Church, for the living and for the departed. All other religious services and ceremonies point to the Liturgy; and that purpose is the fulfillment and theosis of the believers through the Divine Grace of the Sacrament.” This Sacrament needs no spicing up and no human choir will ever be able to add to the greatness of this Great Mystery.

    Second – why would you use the Malayalam phrase – ‘Kaalam marrunna ansirich kollam maaranam’ in reference to the Divine Eucharist? Is the Divine Liturgy just a ‘kolam’ to you? What do we have to do next – change what Christ taught and adapt what is acceptable to our times? Times will change but Christ never does, and so it is not necessary that we have to change according to time. The Church belongs to Christ. Most of the choirs I have heard are lead by people who have no sense of liturgical music or of what it means to sing in a Church setting. If that was the case – we would never make up tones and pump up the volume of the keyboards and have beats and introductions to songs of Holy Qurbono.

    The Divine Liturgy is a unique and holy task, a unique and holy action. Nothing can compare with it in importance. It is the holiest action the priest performs, a service at which the angels desire to be present. It is the greatest gift of Our Lord to His Church, and the greatest offering of the Church to Our Lord. “We give Thee thanks also for this service, which Thou hast deigned to accept at our hands, though there stand before Thee thousand of archangels and ten thousand of angels…”

    Please think before you speak about the Divine Liturgy.

  5. Thank You Steve for your advice to get well soon.Perill Kariyaum onnum illla pravarthil annu karaiyum which I do accept.My writeup was a request to the concerned authorities of the MGOCSM to advice the delegates to follow protocol and not any other purpose,but it doesn’t mean that the unit presidents are inefficient If wanted they will try to use their full authority, but are remaining silent to avoid rifts,so it is always better not to take the advantage .Also it is not written to tarnish the organization but to correct certain deficiencies.
    With regard to Choir there is a direction from Bava Thirumeni and Athanasios Thirumeni and it is to be followed (Refer Kalpana No 374/2009 dated 25/08/2009) which can be downloaded from kalpana files.

  6. C.M.Thomas says:

    L.L Alexiose Theodoceus(Bethany)was the President of Student Movement till 1953/54 when Presidentship was held by L.L Daniel Mar Philexinose .Philipose Theophelose took over in early sixties.
    M.Thomman (U.C.College)was secretary till 1956 when Mr.Paul Vergese(L.L.Paulose Gregoriose)took over.Deacon P.S.Samuel(Now Cor Episcopa) took over at Trichur Conference in 1958.I was then the student vice President and attended Alleppy(1954)Venniculam 1955,Old seminary 1956,Balikamadam Thiruvalla(1957) and my final attendance was at Trichur Conference 1958.

  7. steve says:

    First of all I am not here to hurt someone on a personnel level but the things which are wrong is wrong and there should be someone who can come forward and raise their concerns.As in malayalam theres is a saying (“Peeril enthan irrukunnade pravartil alle jeevidum velairuthunnatha”) whats there in a name all it matters is our deeds so the identity is not the question here, the question is what are the concerns and queries that we have in our life.
    Our spiritual leaders may be having coutless experience in there respective field but that doesn’t make a then 100% perfect and above all if there is a problem that they find in the youth in the churches they serve then I don’t think this is the right medium to bring forward things and discuss it on a platform where lots of people from the entire world reads it, as it creates a bad Impact not just on the unit but specially on the president of that unit and I believe that the vicar of the church is the President of the respective MGOCSM unit . It will potray as an inability of a father who cannot speak or guide his kids if they are going wrong and wants the neighbours to know about it and wants them to guide his kids. If there is a problem within the house then we should try to keep and solve it within the house rather than bringing it in front of the world and create a bad name for the entire family, specially for the head of the family and he is the person who is gonna be blamed. so if any vicar is having a problem in the unit level then we have the vice president who should be informed and then discuss and solve the differences internally and if it doesn’t work then we can bring it to the notice of the higher authorites but through a proper channel. And If anyone is having trouble with the MGOCSM as whole then we Regional co-odinators, the Vice president of the MOCSM of that Diocese and then the Respected Thirumenis through a proper channel and not through the webistes.
    I think choir is something which adds a spice to the Holy Qurbana and in todays world of high tech and bluechip a Holy Qurbana is incomplete without a good choir and I also agree some may be having question that whether this choirs ever existed in the early historic days of Holy Qurbana and still it was good. But my answer for them is same times has changed (Kaalam marrunna ansirich kollam maaranam). Through this choirs our sabha is able to produce immense amount of talenteted singers, musicians whom we can be proud of as they are raising our sabhas name and if we start considering this a head ache then iam sure we are becoming a thorn of all the new seeds who are trying to grow up. But I know there are people who don’t enjoy it and never want others to do so and for them nothing can be done. I can only pray for them and just a single line “Get well soon …… “

  8. First I hereby request to mention the name of the person who replies.Secondly I am a Priest Serving in the Diocese of Bombay since ordination in June 1990 and Late Lameted H G Dr Philipos Mar Theophilus has sponsored me for Bombay Diocese in Kottayam Seminary from 1986-1990.Since then I have been overcoming with MGOCSM activities in the parishes I have served ( Vasai, Nashik, Thane,Dadar,Borivilli,Chembur,Dombivli and now Kalyan ),but in most of the parishes I could not find a proper service as per the motto of MGOCSM.I always support and encourage to the good cause and discourage the mischief’s , whatever maybe the outcome.By expressing my feelings it is not to be treated as negative thoughts.Also for every actions of talents,explorations ……. there is a limit,but if it goes beyond it won’t be tolerated by anyone like me.Similarly the Choir group of parishes are too a great headaches for the chief celebrants.Anyhow now there is a relief as there are directions from Devalokam to the way of conducting choirs.

    Fr Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil
    Kalyan Parish,Bombay Diocese.

  9. Steve says:

    Yes Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student was started in chennai by few young memebers of the church so that they can come forward and meet and share their thoughts specially people like us who are out of kerala and who doesnt get to know about our roots much.

    But i really dont agree with Fr Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil as the the motto itself say Worship, Study and Service. and each n every word has its meaning. Then how can we expect in doing just one thing . We as MGOCSM memebers always want to be a part and parcel of our spiritual works and other activities in our respective churches as this a platform for a person to show their talents and explore himself and showcase it to the entire world may be in that procedure some may get a bit hyper but that doesnt mean that they are going out of there way to degrade our culture or church.

    These growing up people always look up to the parents spiritual leaders and other promising personalities for a role model for themselves but if in return they getting these kind of thinking and negative vibes from our own people then how can we expect them not to go in a wrong way or relying on the worldly pleasures and then what is the use of crying and praying if they have moved so far away that they can’t be brought back and i dont think that today we can find a prodigal son.

    I will never say that if these younsters are going in wrong way or forgetting their basic then our leaders and parents can discourage us in doing it. but what i will urgue to every parents and the spiritual leaders is please dont try to stop the flame to do somthing for the church and the world as it will not only demoralise us but also diminsh the fflame to do somthingg towards the world.

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