“No Flowers Please, Donate Those Funds to Charity as Money or as Clothes”, Dr. Mar Osthathios

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MAVELIKKARA: “I wish that when I die, no one decorates my corpus with flowers, rather they donate those funds to charity as money or as clothes”, said Dr. Geevarghes e Mar Osthathios on the occasion of his 93rd birthday. He was replying to the felicitations at as special meeting at the St. Paul’s Mission Training Centre, Mavelikkara on December 9th.

“Innumerable lives are struggling at various parts of India without a second piece of cloth to change. These clothes shall be given to them in your name. If it is money you will get a receipt with fidelity to that effect”, affirmed the time proven altruist of the Orthodox Church of India. “It does not matter at all that how many years that one lived. However, what goodness did one accomplish during one’s life time matters though”, carried on the Senior Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church.

Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, the Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan inaugurated the Birthday Celebrations. Before the meeting the Catholicos also celebrated Holy Qurbana.

“The Guru in Dr. Mar Osthathios could initiate a new metamorphosis in the Malankara Church. The Church has always accepted his discourses and actions with a huge optimism”, said the Pontiff in his inaugural speech. The Pontiff had also released the book ‘Snehasamvedanam’, edited by Fr. John Thomas Karingattil and handed over the first copy to Fr. K.I. Philip Ramban, the stalwart of missions for Metropolitan Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios.

Metropolitan of Mavelikkara Diocese Paulose Mar Pachomios, Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrisostomos, Metropolitan of UK, Europe and Africa Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios, Metropolitan of Kottarakkara-Adoor Diocese Dr. Yuhanon Mar Theodoros, Fr. Dr. O. Thomas, Dr. Alexander Karackel, Diocesan Secretary of Mavelikkara Diocese Fr. Jacob John, Manager of St. Paul’s Mission Training Centre Fr. Jacob Mathew and Prof. D. Mathew spoke on the occasion.

Earlier Metropolitan of Kottayam Diocese Geevarghese Mar Ivanios visited Dr. Mar Osthathios to pass on his good wishes to his Senior Metropolitan on his 93rd birthday. National Association for Mission Studies had collected Rs 93000 for charity and Prof. K.C. Mani handed over that amount to the Metropolitan.

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5 Responses for ““No Flowers Please, Donate Those Funds to Charity as Money or as Clothes”, Dr. Mar Osthathios”

  1. thomas says:

    Thirumeni lived as a Saint. Thirumeni please pray for us sinners.

  2. Binu Alex says:

    Thirumeni is a gem of a person and hope all our Thirumenis and the leaders of our church could think in this way.

    May God bless and shower all his wishes upon our beloved Thirumeni for a long and healthy life…

  3. Prasad says:

    We salute you.

    Thirumeni is a real gem of the Malankara Orthodox Church and we are proud of you

    May the Almighty GOD shower you with HIS abundant blessing for your long life and health.

  4. I would like to share that a question he asked in one of our MGOCSM class at Pulimood in 1967. His Grace (Rev.Fr. George) asked us, who is the first “Communist” that the world had seen? It creates a little confusion among us the youngsters. He corrected us that Christ is the first communist.

    But the years have made it clear to me that who is a real teacher? A real teacher is who does and implement it in their own lives what they taught to his folks, the real follower of his master Jesus Christ. Social equality, up lifting the down trodden one, mission work in the interior places, orphanages, group marriages, house for the poor, all these were your ideas. Yes you are a real communist of the Church. Not of the worst politicians.
    I am hearing till today what you have taught me, that “Even though you are not able to be a priest, as a lay man, you too have your own role and responsibilities towards your mother the Church and keep it always in your mind the same”.
    My prayerful and sincere greetings my thirumeni and kissing thy hand wish you happy birthday. May the Almighty God shower you His abundant blessing for your long life and health.
    Yet we have to get so many advices and contribution to your folks.

  5. My prayerful greetings are sent to our well-beloved Mar Osthathios thirumeni who celebrates his 93rd Birthday. I humbly pray to God Almighty to grant him every grace so that thirumeni may continue to be a blessing to us all in the days to come. HG Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Metropolitan, I must say, is a modern prophet with the spirit and power of Amos- the prophet of old testament period- as well as a saintly philospher and evangelist with the charisma and wisdom of St.John, the apostle of the new testament period. His grace is a philanthropic missionary bishop with an ecumenical vision. I will say he is a down to earth man and a role model for each one of us to emulate. He is,indeed, a great source of inspiration to many a people like me. His grace is, of course, a gem of person and a boon of the century. I humbly salute at this great personality!
    May God be with us always!

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