Andhra Mission Eluru: A Formal Visit by Diocesan Metropolitan Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim

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The Andhra Mission is one of the Charitable Trust initiated by Dr. Yakoob Mar Irenaeos, the then Metropolitan of Madras Diocese. After the bifurcation of Madras diocese this centre is coming under the Bangalore Diocese. The activities at Andhra Mission are mainly to shelter the physically and mentally challenged poor children.

Fr. Santhosh Geevargheese was the Director looked after the project for a long period under the supervision of Metropolitan Mar Irenaeos. The Children’s strength was around 20 in the shelter during these days. The funds for the projects were mostly raised by Dr. Mar Irenaeos through donations from well wishers. Along with the charitable work, the Mission work was also started in a small way extending to the surrounding villages of Eluru town. At Eluru there is no Orthodox Church or even any members to support this project but still it was running well. Unfortunately this project was at the verge of closing as there was no body appointed as full time director to run the activities after the change of diocese. The shelter strength reduced now to 8 children.

I am happy to note that Metropolitan Mar Seraphim after taking charge of the Bangalore Diocese appointed Fr. Joe Mathew as director of Andhra Mission Eluru. The Physiotherapy unit at the centre started functioning as usual and the children who left are coming back to the shelter.

Mar Seraphim called for the Andhra Mission committee meeting on 06th Dec to be held at Eluru coincide with his visit. A warm welcome and reception was given to Dr. Mar Seraphim on his maiden visit to Eluru attended by committee members, well-wishers and local people. The committee meeting held thereafter discussed various issues regarding the future functioning of the project and resolved to revive the activities of Andhra Mission under the guidance and support of Metropolitan Mar Seraphim. Those, who attended committee meeting, are Chor- Episcopos T.K. Thomas, Diocesan Secretary, Fr. Koshy Thomas, Fr. Moncy Chacko, Fr. Santhosh Samuel and Raju Daniel from Hyderabad, G. Thomas Vijayawada and Sam Karuvely from Visakhapatnam.

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    Proud of being associated with eluru mission

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