Dr Mar Yulios elevates new altar boys, says it’s a service of the Angels

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SALALAH: Dr Pulikkottil Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Metropolitan, Diocese of Ahmedabad, elevated Arun and Santo, two young boys to the altar during his recent visit to St Stephens Orthodox Church in Salalah.

The Metropolitan elevated the young lads with a solemn message before he led the Holy Eucharist at the church on November 18, during his three-day visit to Salalah, in the southern province of Dhofar.

Mar Yulios Pulikkottil in his speech to the congregation mentioned on our duty to seek and pray for the blessings of the Lord for the new altar boys. He sternly remarked it is a call of duty and responsibility and the youngsters were taking a new step in their life by entering the madbhaha and termed it as a great call and blessing from the Lord..

Later, before the formal short ceremony of elevating the boys, Metropolitan addressed in English saying:
“This is an elevation, an elevation to the service of God, it’s not because of your merit; its not because of my merit; or Achen’s merit; or your parents merit; rather it is because of the pure mercy of God, that you have been called to serve our Lord, at the altar. It is the service of the Angels. When you are elevated into the madbhaha, you are doing the service of our Lord — so be in complete submission in front of Him — feel that by the grace of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit you are dedicated to this service…”
Let us all pray in unision for this children in the Lord’s presence.

Mar Yulios was on his last leg of his 2 week trip to the Sultanate of Oman when he undertook the visit.

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