Factional Feud at Malankara – Explore Possibilities of Mediation: High Court of Kerala

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KOCHI: The honorable High Court of Kerala asked the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and the Jacobite faction to explore possibilities to solve the decades old factional feud between each other through mediation.

Advocates from both factions have to consult with each other as well as with their clients and have to inform the court on the outcome. The court also opined that in case a unity not being possible, a separation in goodwill and mutual respect be also a possibility.

Problems did not subside even after various courts wished to settle disputes amiably. Disputes within courtrooms that have begun in 1890 and continued until the PMA Metropolitan case in the honorable Supreme Court in 2001, but sustain even unto this day.

Seventy cases exist in the First Additional District Court, Ernakulam, a special court established per Government orders, to settle litigations between these two warring factions. Seventy appeals are pending at the High Court. Various courts at Ernakulam, Trissur, and Idukki have another seventy more pending cases. More cases are possibly pending at other courts in the State of Kerala.

The court does not propose the modus operandi to solve the cases. Clients shall find an answer through suggestions and advises from mediators. They shall inform the court within two weeks considering the nature of cases. Who are acceptable mediators is also a matter that interests the court.

Division Bench including Justice Thottathil Radhakrishnan and Justice P. Bhavadasan issued this verdict on the background of the case on Sehion Orthodox Church, Onakkoor, Ernakulam Dist.
Unfortunately there exists a separation between lay people as well among the Orthodox and Jacobite factions. Allusions thereto exist in the verdicts from Supreme Court and other courts. Interestingly there is no dispute among Christian priests or laity on the importance or meaning of Christ or of Cross, observes the court.

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