Court Suggestion is Welcome: Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham Konattu

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KOTTAYAM: Suggestions to settle court cases between Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and Jacobite faction by the Honorable High Court is welcome, said Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham Konattu, the Priest Trustee of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

“Any formula that respects the 1934 Constitution and 1995 Supreme Court Verdict will be acceptable”, said Fr. Konattu upon reflecting on the verdict.

Division Bench of Kerala High Court including Justice Thottathil Radhakrishnan and Justice P. Bhavadasan issued this verdict on the background of the case on Sehion Orthodox Church, Onakkoor, Ernakulam Dist.

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10 Responses for “Court Suggestion is Welcome: Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham Konattu”

  1. K. T. George says:

    The latest we hear is that the jacobite faction submitted an affidavit to the court with a panel of 10 members including retired jurists and church leaders from which a mediation team may be selected. Orthodox side submitted an affidavit basically asking the Jacobite faction to vacate the right to parish churches and that they (Jacibites) have to build their own parish churches, and go away. If any reader has other information, please share it.
    The subject matter of the court intervention is the case on Sehion Orthodox Church, Onakkoor, Ernakulam Dist. Now let us see how the court deals with it. It appears that the dispute resolution that the court suggested would end it dispute.
    In an ironical twist, the court observed: Interestingly there is no dispute among Christian priests or laity on the importance or meaning of Christ or of Cross.
    If that is in in doubt, turn to the Christmas messages of both prelates.

  2. K. T. George says:

    It is one thing to dream to keep all and live in peace and another stomach turning attitude to quote bible to achieve that end. There are ample of other teachings in the Bible to share and live in peace too. It has become an annoying fashion among people with elastic conscience – qualified to interpret the Bible, or not – to justify anything they say with a quote from the Bible. Forums are frequented and opportunities are nevert missed.
    Even a judge in the panel in the 1995 verdict wrote that the litigation had been initiated, and continued for the grab of power and money. Even a Metropolitan (of Blessed memory) boasted at my parish about how he helped the Church win the case. He only knew the details.
    If the online poll being conducted by Herald is of any indication, a sizeable percentage of the polled want peace by living side by side as separate sisterly churches. Do we want a physically and spiritually healthy Church 100 years from now, or a fossil of it for research scholars among our third generation to engage?

  3. ‘Red robes’ and ‘few red robe aspirants’ of both factions will oppose unity efforts with tooth and nail, becuase they will be the loosers if unity happens.
    For laymen and ordinary priests, unity is long cherished dream.

    Mathew Chacko, Dubai

  4. AC Philip says:

    For the sake of Peace and Christian Love, Christ would have not fought with the Jews and spoke to them about Peace and Christian Love. Why did they crucify him?
    Today we consider the Marthoma Church as a saintly one and suggest we need to follow them. Any idea about the number of cases we had with them and the reason for HH Patriarch Peter III had to come.
    The recent opinion which the high court has publicized is the same that we heard in the 1958 & 1995 verdicts as well.
    The Psalmist says, Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
    But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. This means the law is also with the Lord.
    I am not saying the Orthodox Church is full of saintly people, but what I am trying say is we can’t simply agree to divide and live peacefully ever-for.

  5. AC Philip says:

    In short don’t respect the law of the land and give what they ask as if it was our church who went ahead and filed cases since they felt they don’t have anything else to do!

  6. K. T. George says:

    Anybody who reads in-between lines of Fr. Johns Abraham Konattu may not realize that the anvil to smash the peace process suggested by the Hon. Kerala High Court is already cast. The very reason a separate church was formed by the Jacibite faction is the verdict of the 1995 Supreme Court which went in our (Orthodox) favor. Mild intelligence rather than overblown genealogy would tell us that the very reason which forced the Jacobites to form another Church cannot be a basis for the peace process. On one hand an important person in the Church hierarchy “welcomes” the court suggestion, on the other hand he has put the condition for such a process to start knowing very well that the process will not fly. Average person knows the court verdicts did not solve the problem; the Hon. Kerala High Court also observed that – but, not our Church “leaders”.
    1890-2010 to 3010 to Jesus’ Second Coming, as long as we have leaders of this attitude and as long as India has court system we are forced to kiss the hands of these leaders. Of course, we have other options too.

  7. Mathew Chacko says:

    For the sake of Peace and Christian Love, we should stop uttering Supreme Court, High Court , Distric Court and Munsif Court. We were shouting these words for a Century and the outcome is tens of protestant and Pentacostal Churches around us. These protestant and pentacost people are our dear children of orthodox church.

    If you would like to see the VANISHED Malankara Orthodox Church in history books after 50 years, then be adamant.

    Mathew Chacko, Dubai

  8. AC Philip says:

    Rev.Fr.Konnattu’s suggestions does make sense. Even though we upheld the 1958 Supreme court verdict and were over generous in accommodating the warring faction, end of the day what happened? So keeping that in mind it is always better to follow what the court has said. Otherwise 1958 over generousity will repeat. Every church wanted to become a witnessing Church, but circumstances lead them to move away from it. What we can do is to pray for our Church and leaders so that they take appropriate decisions.

  9. JG says:

    seize the opportunity for peace and Christian love as soon as possible otherwise be prepared for an unfortunate demise of our storied culture, faith, and heritage!

  10. Please settle all disputes and move forward.Century long litigation has crushed the Church at all fronts, Be a witnessing Church, win souls for Our Lord Jesus Christ. Majority of laymen and priests want to be in peace and unity with other faction. To be precise, people are sick of this court cases and disputes. If church leadership is not willing to realise it, then laity would move away. So nothing should stop us from grabbing this opportunity.

    Mathew Chacko, Dubai

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