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Mar Gregorios Was a Great Scholar and a Visionary: Mar Philoxenos

NEW DELHI: Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios, who proudly exhibited the fame and honor of Malankara Church in front of the whole world, was a profound scholar of multiple proficiencies as well as a visionary, who would encompass human emotions in the fullness, said the Metropolitan of Delhi, Prof. Job Mar Philoxenos. The Metropolitan was speaking on the occasion of 14th annual remembrance of his predecessor and first Metropolitan of Delhi Diocese Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios of blessed memory.

“Foundation of Mar Gregorios’ personality was upon a strong life of prayer. His tongue would always question impartially the equivocal nature of an evil world. His thoughts could envision God the Creator and the whole creation integrally together”, said Mar Philoxenos.

“A free humanity always bases itself upon love, teaches the life of Dr. Mar Gregorios. All his acts as the first Metropolitan of Delhi Diocese that are written in permanent letters stand tall as a great model and as a strong fundament before us. I am very proud to be the successor of a world renowned scholar and connoisseur of Eastern Christian Thought at the Diocese of Delhi”, added Metropolitan Mar Philoxenos.

Just like the name ‘Gregorios’ means, that great thought stream will always awake and enlighten human hearts, carried on the Metropolitan.

Founder’s Day was celebrated at the remembrance of Metropolitan Dr. Paulose Mar Grgorios at the ‘Indirapuram St. Thomas School’, which was founded by none other than the remembered.