Fr Dr Joshua, Dr Mar Yulios as guru-shishya share stage in Muscat

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MUSCAT: It was a perfect stage for a reunion of old friends, one a learned theologian of repute and another a bishop 40 years younger to his guru having taken over reins of a new diocese.

November 4 evening saw the felicitation of Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Metropolitan, Ahmedabad Diocese, by members of the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church, Muscat.

Churches in the Sultanate come under the newly-formed Ahmedabad Diocese and hence Dr Mar Yulios was making his maiden visit after taking charge.

Fr Dr T J Joshua who has been the guru (teacher) for most of the metropolitans of Malankara Orthodox grooming them in the theological seminary praised the Pulikkottil family for its dedication and contribution towards the Orthodox community.

While wishing the young bishop all success as he charts the fortunes of the infant diocese, Achen cautioned the young metropolitan not to let the ‘crown of success over his head.’

Elated to know of Dr Joshua’s presence in Muscat, Metropolitan graciously dropped the bouquet of flowers which he was carrying into the hands Dr Joshua as a gift from his student.

Replying to felicitations, Dr Mar Yulios admitted that more work needs to be done. Travelling all over Northern India and visiting the churches under his diocese,Metropolitan noted his aspiration for the diocese was increasing each day and assured of striving to do his best in making it an exemplary one.

Metropolitan noted that he had the love and affection of 4,000-odd families under his diocese towards fullfilling his various duties.Future programmes for the diocese needs to be charted for which he sought the help of MGOC members.

He hoped MGOC which had contributed a substantial amount for the development when Metropolitan Geevarghese Mar Coorilos was assiting the diocese hoped it would contribute further to achieve its target.

P C Cherian, Trustee, Jacobs Kuriakose, Malankara Sabha Managing Committee Member, Cherian P Thomas, Diocesan Council Member, Geevarghese Yohannan, Chairman, Ahmedabad Diocese Development Committee, also addressed the gathering. Secretary John Thomas proposed the vote of thanks.

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