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I Know My Redeemer Lives and I Will See God

Verse for the day: Job 19: 255, 26

For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at last he will stand upon the earth; and after my skin has been thus destroyed, then from my flesh I shall see God…


The book of Job starts, “There was a man named Job, living in the land of Uz, who worshiped God and was faithful to him. He was a good man, careful not to do anything evil.”

Job’s life was shattered one day when raiders and lightning consumed all his wealth—they took all Job’s oxen, sheep, and camels; then a great storm killed all his children; and, if that wasn’t enough to ruin your life, he broke out in painful sores all over his body. In despair he cried out, “I was born with nothing, and I will die with nothing.”

It is remarkable how at the point where the world was crumbling before his eyes, where he felt the helplessness of absolute abandonment, Job praised God. In humility, Job cried out, “The LORD gave, and now he has taken away. May his name be praised!” Job didn’t stop with praise. He didn’t retreat into the solitude of resignation. The God Job knew was the God, who loved his people and a God who entered into a relationship with his chosen ones. Job praised God, he worshiped God, thanked God and marveled at his wonder.

Even though Job felt as if God had turned on him, that God had abandoned him, Job still hoped. This hope that defies all hopelessness testifies to the power of the Holy Spirit to sustain us. In the depths of his pain, Job bursts out, “But I know there is someone in heaven who will come at last to my defense. Even after my skin is eaten by disease, while still in this body I will see God. I will see him with my own eyes, and he will not be a stranger.”

In the midst of his agony, Job receives a wonderful gift, a glimpse of God. Like Job, we too go through moments of pain, losses and tragedies. We have nowhere else to turn but to God who knows all and, more importantly, promises to liberate us. We must encounter, experience and embrace God in and through the trails and tragedies of life. We must learn to praise God whatever be the situation in our life. Like the psalmist in Psalm 17, we too must pray, “Reveal your wonderful love and save me; at your side I am safe from my enemies. Protect me as you would your very eyes; hide me in the shadow of your wings from the attacks of the wicked.” Our trials must become a window through which we see God.

And whatever tragedies or hurts or losses and misunderstandings we carry with us as part of our life, we know that they will be resolved and transformed by joy once and for all, when we see God in Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. Amen!