New Catholicos of the East Baselios Marthoma Paulose II installed

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PARUMALA: Installation of Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, the eighth Catholicos of the East from Malankara took place at Parumala.

Newly installed Catholicos, Baselios Marthoma Paulose II is the eighth Catholicos since the Catholicate of the East was relocated to India and 91st Catholicos in the lineage of Catholicoi of the East in the apostolic throne of St. Thomas. He is also the 21st Malankara Metropolitan of the church.

At 6.30 am all Metropolitans have ceremoniously accompanied the Catholicos into the Church and the day’s event began. Metropolitan of Chengannur Diocese Thomas Mar Athanasius celebrated the Holy Qurbana. Catholicos Baselios Marthoma Didymus I was the chief celebrant for the consecration ceremony.

“At the inception of Catholicate in Malankara the first Catholicos was named as Paulose I. Now at the centenary of the Catholicate the Catholicos is again being called Paulose, precisely Paulose II. This is not a coincidence, but a great plan of God”, said the Principal of Orthodox Theological Seminary, Fr. Dr. K.M. George.

New Catholicos readout and put his signature on his confession of faith (Amalogia), which the new Pontiff himself piously submitted to the Catholicos Baselios Marthoma Paulose II.

Thereafter the reigning Catholicos declared that the new Pontiff is worthy to be elevated to the Catholicate and to the throne of St. Thomas. This led to reading of the Gospel, with Metropolitans carrying the throne, on which the new Catholicos was sitting. This was to symbolize the authority of the new Catholicos over the Church of God. Staff for the new Catholicos was also handed over in a similar fashion, where nine Metropolitans held their hands below the hand of the New Catholicos, which was guided to the top by the reigning Catholicose.

Concluding the ceremony, litanies were read out, which were prayers for and divine felicitations to the new Pontiff.

Newly installed Catholicose Baselios Marthoma Paulose II completed the Holy Qurbana to mark the end of ceremony.

Priest Trustee Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham Konattu was the Master of Ceremony. Fr. M.P. George led the melodious choir.

Around 25 Metropolitans attended the event. A number of priests and thousands of faithful witnessed the historical ceremony.


K.I.Paul was born on August 30, 1946 in the ancient Syrian Christian family of Kollannur to K I Ipe and Kunjeetty at Mangad. His mother, Kunjeetty hails from the famous family of Pulikkottil and he was baptized at St Mary’s Orthodox Church Pazhanji.

He was ordained for deaconate in Parumala Seminary in 1972 and as Priest on June 2, 1973. He was ordained as Ramban on May 3, 1983. Ramban Paul was ordained as Bishop with title Paulose Mar Milithios on May 15, 1985 by Catholicos Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews I. He was appointed as the first metropolitan of the newly formed Kunnamkulam diocese of the church on August 1, 1985.

Metropolitan Paulose Mar Milithios was unanimously elected as Catholicos designate by Malankara Syrian Christian Association on October 12, 2006.

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11 Responses for “New Catholicos of the East Baselios Marthoma Paulose II installed”

  1. I was closely associated with activities of Mar Theodsius of Calcutta Diocese. During his stewardship of the Diocese it grew from strenght to stenght and established an Arts & Science College and an Engineering College. The results of his hard work is there for all to see. Many of members have benefitted from his Grand Vision for a church in the Eastern India with lead taken from among our members who were grew with the culture of these areas and a desire to carry forward our faith. To encourage this he established a seminary first in Bhilai and then moved to the Seminary Complex in Nagpur. Priest well trained in our faith have started to take the lead not only in Eastern India but in all Hindi speaking areas of our great country. The students from the different Institutions he started are slowly but surely moving into enviable positions in industry and some even into priesthood.

    The thirumeni had a great dream to serve the poor in this area. With his spiritual and administrative influence he got an ‘in-principle’ clearance to set up a medical college in Raipur area. This did not materialise for various reasons. I pray the New Catholicos with His grand vision will develop on this idea. Also we need to develop extending our service to the poor who are spread over the entire Eastern India. Our Church may seriously consider serving the poor more vigorously . This will esablish our church not just for the few believers but also as an Institution of National importance for all Indians. Funds are no more a problem .A great desire to help the poor is the requirement of the day .
    Yes I agree that the a home for the retired Bishops and unmarried priests should be the first priority. These homes could be linked to our charitable activities with hospitals, medical colleges and so on – progressively. Money spend for the poor is money spent for Christ.

    The spirit of our Thirumeni was proved beyond any doubt when he decided that he would be entombed in Bhilai among the people he liked best and no where else when the Lord called him.

    I lost a Great Spiritual Guru on his passing away . In the many chats we had together the poor were always in his heart and am sure his spirit will guide all those who take up such work. I pray that some day he will be considered for Saint hood in our Church.

    I pray the new Catholicos be blessed with a Grand Vision to take forward our faith to greater heights into the 21st Century. In the process we will serve Christ and the people of this great land of our fathers.

  2. Baboi George says:

    ” BEST WISHES ” to the new Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan, H.H.Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, may the Lord grant you strength, courage and determination to fulfill all your duties. It is timely that a younger shepherd is chosen to lead globely in this troubled world.

    On a personal level, we’re blessed with your presence for an initiation ceremony on our son’s altar assistance service and a garden prayer meeting in the eighties … also we’re fortunate to accompany a visit to Canturbury Cathetral in 2005.

    Only few words were exchanged during the trip to England, but one thing stays in my mind is, after looking at the newly consecrated church commented: One thing is lacking! A Sleeba Cross at the pinnacle point on the front roof of the church ( we are still working on it ? )

    My ONLY suggestion is that the Malankara, non-malayalam speaking first generation born and brought up outside Kerala, will be the main incumbents in twenty or thirty years time, may reign over us to see the membership spread like salt on this earth.

  3. John Kappil says:

    May The Almighty God shower you with all His blessings to lead our Holy Church !

  4. Jigme says:

    May God be with Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulos II and may the Lord provide H.H. with continued wisdom, patience, kindness, and a prayerful life so he may shepherd and administer his flock from the East to the West. May Orthodox Christianity flourish and may peace and progress reign in Malankara! Amen.

  5. Mar Baselios Movement, Kuwait would like to extend our hearty congratulations, prayer, love and respect to His Holiness Basalios Marthoma Paulose II, the new Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church.

    We hope and pray His Holiness would be able to focus on refreshing the spirituality in our Church. The headship of His Holiness is a blessing of our God to our Church and we should stay behind as the strength of our Catholicos and the children of the Malankara Orthodox Church shall be hallowed.

  6. Praise the Lord and we extend hearty congratulations to His Holiness newly enthroned Bava Thirumeni. Our Sincere Prayers and all the good wishes to the new Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicose of the East. The need of the hour is that the Malankara Orthodox Sabha required a very good strict administrator as Church head and hope this will be fullfilled by our new Bava Thirumeni with his experience and prayerful life. With Almighty’s abundant blessing and with all good wishes from millions in this country H.H. Baselios Marthoma Paulose II Bava Thirumeni will lead the Malankara Orthodox Church to a bright successful future.

  7. The present enthronement of H.B. Paulose Mar Militios as The Catholicos and Malanakara Metropolitan is the reflection of the Glare and magnificence of our beloved spiritual father His.Holiness Didimos thirumeny. The indomitable faith and monastically life of Thirumeny enabled to shine His Holiness’s name in the History as the pioneer Catholicos of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church who did the enthronement of the successor as the chief celebrant. It is definitely the seen symbol of the blessings of God and Thirumeny magnetized the holiness to the successor.

    I am, extending hearty congratulations, all the best wishes, prayer, love and respect to H.H. Basalios Marthoma Paulose II , the new Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan of my Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church along with my family and community. His Holiness is the perfect spiritual leader for this time and that is the selection of our God. Respected thirumeny never offered the candidature to any post but is being called to the leadership and that is the selection of God. I have no doubt to say “Our God selected Mar Paulose to lead the Church”. The leadership of Thirumeny is a blessing of our God to our Church and we should stay behind as the strength of our Catholicos and the “children of the Malankara Orthodox Church” shall be blessed.

    I firmly believe that Thirumeny will modify a strong administration to our church and clean out the Caucus from the Church administration. The strength of the hand of our Holy Catholicos is the strength of our Church and that is the strength that we are expecting from Thirumeny.

    Also humbly requesting the kind and immediate attention of Thirumeny to establish a decent retirement facility for our retired Bishops and the retired single clergies. That will help the bishops to retire at the proper time. We should take care our spiritual fathers properly and we are obliged to do it.

    Jai !!! Jai !!! Catholicos , ” “കാതോലിക്കാ സിംഹാസനം നീണാള്‍ വാഴട്ടെ, മാര്‍ത്തോമ്മായുടെ ദീപശിഖ തലമുറ തലമുറ കൈമാറി കെടാതെ ഞങ്ങള്‍ സൂക്ഷിക്കും “

  8. K. T. George says:

    May His Holiness be showered with divine blessings to herald a new chapter in the history of our Church which is spiritual in soul and progressive in social body.

  9. M. Chacko says:

    I hope and pray His Holiness Mor Paulose 2nd would concentrate on reviving spritruality in Malankara Church. H.H. should put a halt to all buidling construction activities and charity projects by church. These activities has overshadowed true Orthodox Christian life , rather it became a substitute to true Orthodox Christian life. Wordly growth and gains would be futile without a strong spiritual foundation.
    By humbly kissing H.H’s hands.


  11. JOHN K RAJAN says:

    we pray to Almighty to give strength to HH to lead the church

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