Family Conference at Germany

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BIELEFELD: One day Family Conference for all the Malankara (Indian) Orthodox faithful in Germany took place on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 at Assaphiam House, Bethel, Bielefeld.

The conference began with Holy Qurbana. Fr. Laiju Mathew, Pathanamthitta, Vicar of the parish, led a Bible class on the importance of ‘Faith in God in Families’.

Fr. Jose Jacob Vengassery spoke on family revival. Special prayers and officium were conducted for all departed faithful, who have served the Malankara Orthodox Church.

The meeting also condoled over the demise of Isaac A.K. Aduckathil, who had bee an integral part of Malankara Orthodox Family Conference, Germany.

Mathew Mathew, P.G. Aleas, Daniel P. Skariah, Oommen Koipurathu, John Kurien, and Jacob Daniel led the proceedings.

A large number of faithful attended the day’s event. Mathews Kakkanattuparambil welcomed the gathering and K.V. Thomas, the treasurer, moved the vote of thanks.

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3 Responses for “Family Conference at Germany”

  1. Emmy Samuel says:

    @laiju achan, May God Bless in your Studies

  2. Baboi George says:

    The time has come for the Europe based Family Conference in the Diocese.
    The Malankara Orthodox is growing outside Kerala and the only way we can exist
    is by meeting and shareing our culture and traditions. The first generation children
    born and brought up in the western alien culture will be lost for ever, unless the leadership of the church realises that they do not speak Malayalam. The Nazerani-
    blood has caused so much division and in-fight has detrimental to the welfare of the
    community. The new hierarchys should plant the seed now and lead the sheeps
    to a fertile ground to reap the fruits in 20 – 30 years time : ” Best Wishes “

  3. Liebe Kandamma Auntie, Sanjay, Mol und Mon!

    Es tut mir wirklich leid zu wissen, dass Isaac Uncle verstorben ist. Mein Gebet nun ist fuer seine Seele und Geist. Moege ihn der Herr ins Reich Gottes aufnehmen.

    Jacob Mathew Achen, Orlando, Florida

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