Disrespecting the Sabha Secretary is Diplorable: Sam Cherian Karuvelil

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VISHAKHAPATTANAM: “The recent event of disrespecting the Malankara Association Secretary Dr. George Joseph at Sharjah Church was a shocking news to know from Mr. John John, Sharjah. The Church Vicar and Managing committee of Sharjah Church ignored the presence of Church dignitaries, mainly, Orthodox Church Sabha Secretary. It is a matter of shame that he was not allowed to speak at the function, where he had been deputed by none other than Bava Thirumeni”, said Sam Cherian Karuvelil, Sabha Managing Committee Member from Vishakhapattanam.

“This is very serious error at the Sharjah Church committee’s part and I am sure that someone’s hand may be behind it, where the Vicar might have been a silent spectator. But the Vicar got full right to control the Church committee in such matters and why Achen become silent is a riddle to me. This incident shall be thoroughly inquired by Diocesan Council or at the Church working committee level to pin point the guilty. This sort of incidents should not be repeated at any of the Malankara Orthodox parishes”, he demanded.

The entire Orthodox Church can be proud on Dr. George Joseph, the young and dynamic, hardworking secretary of the Malankara Association, Sam Cherian suggested.

“He at the helm of Church administration gave a new direction to all the Church activities, by sincerely leading the clergy and laity smoothly into the 21st Century”, Karuvelil carried on to state.

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58 Responses for “Disrespecting the Sabha Secretary is Diplorable: Sam Cherian Karuvelil”

  1. Biby Thomas says:

    Hi all concerned,

    Dont you feel shame to do this all nonsense in name of chuch community.

    We are blessed to have a church here in this country, which lot of expatriates doesn’t have .

    So please mind it.

  2. RK says:

    “Jbu Kurian says: When unfortunate incidents have happened in the Church, some people have been trying to picturize them worser. Thomas Jacob, RK, Regi etc.”

    Dear Jibu,
    I saw your above words. What you want to brief that, we three are talking for some groups. About others two persons I don’t have any idea, but I am not standing for any group. Just standing for the truth. In this blog you put 3 comments.. I read all your 3 writings… really man…I felt you are very much neutral and independent…. You won’t feel shame to criticize us even you spoke as a spokesman for a particular group. Please do remember one verse in bible “Swantham kannil kol erikkupol mattullavarude kannile karadu edukan sramikaruthu”.

    You mentioned one saying in Malayalam also “A saying in Malayalam goes : ‘Veedinu Thee Pidichappol Vazha Vetty”” Respected Jibu “ Evide Veedinu Thee ariyathe pidichathalla… KATHICHATHANU, so VAZHA Vettyone pidikan sramikkathe THEE KATHICHAVARE pidikan nokku.

    I would like to request you to please do remember the same words you written in your comment: “Do not try to bring in darkness by keeping your own eyes closed”

  3. Reply to -Mohan Kumar

    This is the matter of orthodox community only
    There is no one in the name of mohan kumar in our church
    I have strong doubt about your tradition.
    May be you are a fraud / or a person no guts to appear in public. like john john
    Vicar says people like you only
    I am not interested to give a reply to a fraud
    I am neglecting your cheap letter

    Think Positively
    By A. Moolamury

  4. Hannah says:

    I apologize if my comments here have hurt the sentiments of an individual or any group……to see what was happening right in from of me and to deny it would be sin. To actually see everything you don’t have to be right in the middle of it or get in-between the men who were having the fist-match. See I’m not interested in taking sides….of either group out here,that’s not even the last thing I want to do. But all I’m saying is that, even elderly people who are supposed to be role models to youngsters like me were behaving in an uncouth manner that day….whoever it is,whether the achen or MC members or srothus people,all are so-so.I did not see a single person trying to stop these people from creating a ruckus,everyone involved was only interested in fanning the fire further and further.I speak on behalf of all the other youngsters like myself from SGOC when I say,”Please stop this….” Everyone really seem to have no clue about the kind of impact this has on the youngsters in our parish church…….I personally know many of them who either keep away from church altogether or get caught in the traps of Pentecost groups and all these people have just one thing to say,”It’s beacuse of church politics”. Regarding what achen said, I’m no one to judge that,maybe it’s right,maybe it’s wrong.All that I said was if you want to speak up against what achen said, you can do it directly on his face, and not by gossiping amongst yourselves after the Holy Qurbana.I have never intended for my earlier comment to be in support of what the vicar said/did. That’s really none of my concern.Forget everything else,I had already mentioned in the beginning that my family and I were never part of any group.I just felt that things were really blown out of proportion by a certain section of the people whose very intention is to destroy the peace of our church,whichever ‘group’ they are from.Another issue is that when all this drama was going on, people are saying unnecesary dialogues like ,”I’m the one who helped to build this parish here/give money/whatever…” what is the prasakthi of making such egoistical statements at that point of time?? This itself shows how much people are putting themselves and their egos in front of the interests of the church.For a young woman like me, who prides herself on being a part of this great Sabha, it hurts in a way I cannot describe, when I see our own people fighting with each other over matters that can be simply talked out across a table.And last but not the least, I’m not a perfect person,for God is the lone perfect being and I wasn’t submitting my report thesis for a journalism degree when I blurted out what happened on this forum.I was only telling you all how sad I feel because at the end of the day, this is our sabha,SGOC is our church and these are our people.For the ones who are hell-bent on destroying our SGOC’s peace and harmony, God shall answer to them.

  5. Mathew says:

    At the end of Holy Qurbana, Psalm: 23 is loudly said by congregation in Sharjah Orthodox Church, Now onwards, its better, switch to Psalm :1, so that the crowd would disperese immediately.


    ”1 Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. 2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. 3 He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers. 4 Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away. 5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. 6 For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish. ”

  6. Thomas says:

    Im very proud about the sharjah church members especially Mr.John K Rajan, and Mr.Philip Mathew, because in their comment they are mentioning the TIME when Dr.George Joseph came to church, every one knows who many people are coming to Sharjah church to attend the holy Qurbana… in that crowd the above two devotionally dedicated orthodox christens sharply noticed the exact time of SABHA SECRETARY’s arrival ..Dear Friends.. You people are attending the Holy Qurbana or standing at the CHURCH GATE and watching who all are coming to the church and noting the time. This is the main cause of the problems in the shrajah church. Many of the people are coming to the church to showoff their power and wealth.
    Dear Mr.John K Rajan, you are clearly motioned that “The email by Hannah is very balanced and true”, then you neglected the main thing which she written “I will say what happened 2 weeks ago because I have seen the ‘events unfolding before my own two eyes. After achen’s speech,,” . This words clarifying that the problem is happed because of “ACHEN’S SPEECH” why you people are hanging only in the fighting groups and Sabha secretary’s visit without talking about the ROOT CAUSE. Not only in Sharjah church, all other churches even Malankara Association also may have some issues, those issues should be discuss inside the organization or a committee and take a decision or action to solve it. It is not the right way to make a public speech of Rev.Vicar used by indecent words after the Holy Qurbana in front of kids and ladies. How he can justify the LOVE and TOLERANCE of our load Jesus Christ. As a layman, we are expecting more maturity from a spiritual leader.
    Otherwise we won’t feel any difference in between the Political Leaders and Spiritual Leaders.

  7. John says:

    Now you all should stop writing comments on this site. Both the groups may be right or wrong but someone should put an end to all this. I humbly request all the member of SGOC and other who are reading these article not to respond or post any more comments on this site as you all should not forget that non believers and other church are also visiting this site and seeing the way we are fighting.

    You all should not forget that Achan will go off after two or three months but we all are SGOC members will be here. We all together make SGOC.

    We believe in one God one baptism and one church. We all together make SGOC ie one church.

  8. JOHN K RAJAN says:

    The email by Hannah is very balanced and true . As far as we know, the person who got the blow and the one perceived to have hit him are faithful members and it is very unfortunate for them to have got into this controversy. I feel very sorry for them. To be fair,It was apparant that the father of the man who got injured was not willing to take this issue to Police Station, but was instigated . I am sure he did not do this on his own. We should not feel proud in taking our vicar to police station even if there is a commotion on the part of our priest. We should discuss and sort it out. This incident is a slap on all of us. Anyway that part is over now.

    Now,some of the questions being asked in this column like ; Do we know who made this church etc are irrevelent and do not merit an answer. We construct our house for us as well as for the next generation. Another question asked by an elderly person on that day was why Nanjools are here. Is our church is only designed for high and mighty people ? I have heard this question. If some people lost their positions in the church, there could be some reason. We can not have this attitude and ask for peace in the church. The majority wont accept this and that is what happening in Sharjah Church. No one is prominent or mighty as far as altar is concerned. Altar is symbol of sacrifice and compassion. Everyone is equal. Therefore, if you want peace, be a peace loving person .

  9. Mohan Kumar says:

    Dear Hannah,
    It was with great interest I started reading your mail. I was of the opinion that atlast I will be able to know the truth when you said “Can anyone believe an eye witness account? Then I will say what happened 2 weeks ago because I have seen the events unfolding before my own two eyes”. The details you gave about the fight was very much elaborative and perfect. Each and every dialog was written citing the minutest details. But as I read further, I was a bit confused.
    1. There was a fight on the back side of the church, a place which is mostly occupied by gents, especially when people are coming after kaimuth, so I presumed you were a boy but by reading your name I knew you were a small girl, most probably accompanying her father.
    2. There is a commotion and to hear every word said, you have to be very close to the group who are fighting. I really respect your courage to stand that close, without moving, and trying to get the details.
    3. When the person went outside the compound and others followed to beat that person to pulp, you followed them to the place to get the “EYE WITNESS” account. The church main gate was closed and only the “small gate” was open, which allows a maximum of 2 people to enter at a time. I cannot imagine how you managed to sneak-out of the gate along with the battling crowd, especially since you are a “girl”.
    4. When I read further, you mentioned you had to attend “Sunday School” I was certain you were a small girl, but when you mentioned your age and your role as Sunday Teacher, I was more confused. I salute the guts of a 24-year old lady, who went in-between the fighting groups to get the minutest details.
    5. What happened to the “pulp man with broken bones” is really a mystery. If his condition was so bad, how did he fled the scene? If he had not done anything bad, why did he fled the scene? What was the Managing Committee doing when an innocent person was beaten to “pulp” by goondas? Did anybod tried to save the person? Was it not the duty of the Managing Committee to prevent such things and help person in need? (They might be busy in preparing a Charity request for the “PULP MAN”). Don’t tell me they were afraid of the Goondas. I had heard them challenging the Achayan Group during the General Body on 01/Oct./2010 and had seen the fight which took place inside the church the same day, in the presence of the Vicar.
    6. Did you see Mr. A. Moolamuriyil standing on the ladies side leaning on a pillar, when the Achayan Groups were “TALKING” to the Vicar. Did you see him inviting his close friend, “another controller of the managing committee” and asking him will all smiles, “ingu vaa, nammukke ivide ninnu kandu rasikkaam”.
    7. You are having a perfect knowledge of the activities & Character of “leaders of Labor Class”. But you can definately increase your knowledge about them for which I recommend you to contact the persons, who were supporters of “Labour Class” and who were “members of the Managing Committee till 2007″, after which they left the group (including a senior teacher of the Sunday School).
    8. You mentioned about “Mr. John John, Sharjah” and his post in the internet. But what about the post in this site by “a controller of the Managing Committee and Labour Class”, a posting against Achayan Group (originated due to jealousy on the subject matter of charity donation of a village in Northern Kerala). He mentioned that all the money was “Kalankitha Panam” and our Vicar didn’t allow to discuss the issue even in General Body. Can you please say, why our Vicar kept mum when such a posting was made about the members of this church and why he blurted out so openly upon a posting against the official group. You might not be knowing that the Vicar sought pardon from the GB on 01/10/2010 for “his own” conduct on the previous GB during which he swallowed the request for talks on the topic of “Kalankitha Panam” (but that happenened only after two rounds of fighting and in this case only one round is over. He might be waiting for the second round).
    Summing up, I once again respect your guts in “collecting” the minutest details, a feat which can only be done by great journalists like “Burkha Dutt” and certainly you have a bright carreer in journalism. (But I pity the Students whom you are teaching in the Sunday School, with your biased & Partial mentality)
    Note : Atleast when reporting, please give the correct dates. The Fight happened on 22/10/2010 and your report was published on 27/10/2010. You are reporting an event which happened 5 days before, not 2 weeks.

  10. Thomas Jacob says:

    Dear All,
    Its very clear from above Mr. Philip Mathew ‘s , who is a current managing commite member of Sharjah Pally, opinion that they (Vicar and Managing Committee of Sharjah Pally) disobeyed ( by deciding not to conduct the meeting) the Kalpana from Babha Thirumeni. All other churches in UAE conducted the said meeting and donated the Collecion by following the instructions in the Kalpana. Its very evivdent that Sharjah Pally is entirely different. NOBODY can control us or guide us. WE will decide. As Mr. Philip Mahew said the collection in Sharjah Pally with regard to Catholica Day Cover not reached the target. (Our Bhava has got he vision well in advance that this time I need to send my representatives to UAE to speak and a conduct a meeting to give more importance for the same). All other churches did except Sharjah Pally. BIG SHAME. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
    With prayers
    homas Jacob

  11. പ്രക്ഷുബ്ദ്മായ ഈ അവസ്ഥ അടിയന്തിരമായി മാറണം. കോളേജ് ക്യാമ്പസുകളല്ല; ദൈവത്തെ ആരാധിക്കുവാനുള്ള സ്ഥലം !!വിശുദ്ധമായിരിക്കണം അതിന്റെ പാവനത നിലനില്ക്കണം, അതിനെതിരായി ആരുപ്രവർത്തിച്ചാലും ദൈവം പൊറുക്കില്ല. കാലം അത് തെളിയിക്കും മുൻ അനുഭവങ്ങൾ നാം മറക്കുന്നു.

    അന്യനാട്ടിൽ ആരാധനാ സൗകര്യം ദാനമായി ഇവിടുത്തെ ഭരണാധികാരികൾ നല്കിയതാണ്‌. ആരെങ്കിലും അവരുടെ അറിവിൽ എത്തിച്ചാൽ എല്ലാ ദേവാലയങ്ങൾക്കും അത് ബാധകമാവും. പിന്നെ വിലപിച്ചിട്ടുകാര്യമില്ല.

    വിഭാഗിയത നമുക്ക് വേണ്ട. കുറവുകൾ എല്ലാവരിലുമുണ്ട്, സഭാ ഗാത്രത്തെ നാം വേദനിപ്പിച്ചുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്നു. പരിശുദ്ധന്റെ നാമത്തെ നാം കളങ്കപ്പെടുത്തികൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്നു. ഇത് അവസാനിപ്പിക്കുക.

    വളരെ നല്ലൊരവസരമാണ്‌ അനുതപിക്കുക, ഇനിയൊരിക്കലും ആവർത്തിക്കാതെയിരിക്കുക. ഒന്നാവുക ദൈവസ്നേഹത്തിൽ..

    നമ്മുടെ ഇടയിലുള്ള കലഹം നാം തന്നെ പരിഹരിക്കണം. അതിനുള്ള സഹിഷ്ണുത കാട്ടണം.

    ഒരുപാട് സാധാരണ വിശ്വാസികളുടേയും, കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങളുടെയും മനസ്സിലുണ്ടായ ഭീതിനീങ്ങാൻ അനേകം കാലമെടുക്കും.

    ചിന്തിക്കുക… പ്രവർത്തിക്കുക… ദൈവസ്നേഹത്തിൽ ഒന്നാവുക……

  12. If there are 2 warring groups for the last 10 years namely your group and my group or Achen group and anti Achen group then both the groups can co exist peacefully by making it 2 parishes in the same church.After all it is difficult for an achen to deal with 2200 odd families/members.The parishes can be named as SGIOC and
    SGMOC.A new Achen should be posted for the anti Achen group.The new parish can be under another diocese as there was a proposal to include this church in the Bangalore diocese earlier.As there is no scope for another church building for us in Sharja both the group can use the same church on alternative fridays with morning and evening timings alternatively.

    As different people have different versions Seraphim thirumeni should come
    out with a statement of real facts to settle all confusing and contradictory statements related to the Sabha secretary and give a report to bava thirumeni.
    After all a guest is a guest whether unsolicited or came without informing.

  13. Jbu Kurian says:


    You mentioned about the Sabha Managing Committee Member for UAE who was elected by the ‘quota system’ from delhi diocese. Ever since the panel supported by him lost elections in our church he has not been coming to church even. He has called our previous vicar ‘Thoppi Thozhilali’ and the present vicar ‘Gunda Thalavan’ and such people are leading our Malankara Sabha!! Do you mean to say that such people need to be honoured in our Church meetings? Shame !!!

    Some fraud named John John wrote a false report and some great Sabha Managing Committee members pounced on it immediately without realizing the truth.. They forgot that their position demanded much more maturity. May God bless each one of them.

    Jibu Kurian sharjah

  14. Gee varghese panicker.v says:

    Dear all,

    I have seen all the comments & arguments about what was happened in our church . Actually I obviously neglacted the issues. But these cicumstances I forced 2 write something on behalf. our church is managed by some groups. Priest is the master of the church. He should be polite & royal 2 each & every member of the church. Once he got some applause like some kind of issues before , that everybody neglacted due 2 the part of groupism. Indirectly I like to say that beyond the limit back seat driving causes this kinds of incidents & forced to become a political leader & outcome is democratic elections (sweet name ) it leads to divide the members & creating unpleasant atmosphere in every friday . But all are blind. GOD sees the truth but wait 4 sometime. Now this is the time 2 change & stop all the alligations. ”SO THEN, SUBMIT TO GOD. RESIST THE DEVIL, AND HE WILL RUN AWAY FROM YOU”.(JAMES 4:7) MAY GOD BLESS ALL.

  15. Jbu Kurian says:

    Dear Regi,

    About what protocol are you asking to Mr.Roni? Who is not following the protocol of Malankara Sabha – is it the Sharjah Church Managing Committee or the Association Secretary, who came under the Sabha’s expense and did not bother to contact the Achan even once and laid the foundation of all these fights? Do not try to bring in darkness by keeping your own eyes closed. Respect has to be earned and not asked. Give and take respect. And do you feel that if the Association Secretary was given a chance to speak, he would have been respected by all?

    Jibu Kurian sharjah

  16. Jbu Kurian says:

    A saying in Malayalam goes : ‘Veedinu Thee Pidichappol Vazha Vetty” When unfortunate incidents have happened in the Church, some people have been trying to picturize them worser. Thomas Jacob, RK, Regi etc. appear to be speaking for one particular group as is very evident from their dialogues and language. Are they ‘whole sale’ writers for the topic? The hidden target and for whom you are doing this is clearly proved in your style of writing. This actually is saying that you are the spokesperson of one group. Instead of playing Satanic tricks behind the curtains, disclose your proper names and I would also request you to stop posting such provocating comments.

    Jibu Kurian sharjah

  17. Roni Thomas says:

    Dear Regi,

    You want to know when I was born, when I came to UAE, when I joined SGOC…, dear, these questions are so insignificant and seem to come from some feudalist (Madampikal). Also in 1994, after the church was built, it were these kind of questions that led to the formation of groups in the Church. Are you trying to establish that those who joined Church after 1994 have nothing to do for our church? Regi, that time everybody worked together for the church with whole hearted cooperation. But, In 2009 when the church was renovated what happened? Did anyone from the group that you are supporting cooperate? You are asking the same question as asked by a senior member who was involved in building the Church. To quote him “I was the leading person involved in buying land and building the Church and you had to beat my own son”. Some people were ruling the Parish for the first 18 years and when they lost power, they formed a parallel group. This is the history behind the formation of groups.

    After kaimuthu on 22nd, issue started. People of your group who were at home were called to the church to add fuel to the fight. A few were drunk and I still remember a person in his late 40’s, wearing mundu, shouting and saying that Achan had prepared a list of 200 people who would face ‘mudakku’ from church. He also said that the list had been torn by Holy Synad. The stinking smell of liquor reached people metres away. I never said that it was you who came drunk, Mr.Regi.

    I am not against any charity work done by any body from their pocket, in fact I highly appreciate such deeds. But when a group is doing parallel charity work and is not at all involved or helping our church charity activities and one Mr .Charly Padanilam was trying to establish that it was done to boost the name of the Church. This is not true and I wanted to object only this point.

    When there were numerous abusive and threatening calls both from Kerala and within UAE to Achan, and if this has happened from the side of the church members doesn’t he have the right to ask about it in church? Should you have gone to the Police Station for that? Please don’t go to the extent of asking to have the police making announcements in the church from next Friday onwards!

    Do you really know the person whom you addressed as ‘old man 65+’? You also gave him ‘a good certificate’ saying that he was one of those who helped in building the Church in 1994. I borrow the word used by you -‘satan’. Bible says that ‘satans also built buildings’. The fights in 1999 and now in 2010 started in the church because this person used foul language in church premises. To quote him “angeru irangi varumbol karutha kuppayam valichu keeranam” Are you justifying this comment? Do you know who sent the legal notice against the church in 2001?

    Regi, please use your blessed writing talents for a good purpose rather than working for a few who assume that they are the custodians of the church and think without them the church will not run smoothly.

  18. I would like to clarify my stand in this incident as I have spoke with several people from Sharjah.

    1. I have no intension to justify or defame any of the groups in there.
    2. The only my protest in this matter is that we should not let anyone to defame the “Sabha Secretary or any dignitaries” of our Church. If there were any disputes it should solve internally. If the Secretary did anything wrong we could speak to him and he could get a chance to explain and I am sure that our Secretary will do it. But we should not try to ignore our Church dignitary
    3. When we take any decision in the Church we should think several times and even if the committee express any inappropriate proposal the vicar have all the right to advise to cool down and settle matters amicably.
    4. The diocese / Church should take immediate attention to solve the difference of opinion among the people and should take all the possible steps to re-conciliate them and make them together. Keeping slow in this process made the people to reach up to this point. “Divide and collect the money” attitude should be changed if not we should not be the tool for that.

    If people decide to make peace it is possible in the parish and we have proof of it. There were great tug of war in our parish in UAE. We sit together without any mediation and decided “No postmortem but forget the past and be together in future.” That was the decision for the re-conciliation and it worked out.

  19. John Joshua says:

    The annonymos name Hanna wrote but from the begining itself the small 24 year old girl forgot to write the truth. She is an innoscent but she know how to hide the wordings of the Vicar that created the bad situation.

    Why did not Hanna hear the wordings of the vicar ? May be “Molkku Malayalam arreethillarikkum.”.

  20. Hannah says:

    Dear All,

    My father is a member of the SGOC and we as a family are actively involved in our church and related activities. Can anyone believe an eye witness account? Then I will say what happened 2 weeks ago because I have seen the ‘events unfolding before my own two eyes.After achen’s speech, one group of people were standing outside, on the church ground and making bad remarks about it, a passer-by(who is not of any ‘group’ mind you, but is just a regular member who attends Holy Qurbana) told them,”You people have come out after participating in the Holy Qurbana, why are you standing here on church ground and making statements like this?” One ‘achayan’ among the group got angry and shoved him saying,”thaan podo”. Obviously the guy will react and he shoved back.The ‘achayan’s’ son got in between.So now people are basically pushing and shoving each other ok? Then SOMEBODY’S HAND, not even the person who dared to speak up against the group gossip, went and shoved the achyan’s son’s face and since that guy was wearing specs, the SPECS BROKE and the glass injured his face. The blood seen by many was not from any hit he got from anybody but because of his broken specs and his shirt got torn when people were pulling him back from running after the first fellow (who by the way, got beaten to pulp by a very prominent ‘gunda’ of our church) Now this particular achayan himself was telling his son,”Mone avante kai ariyaandu kondatha”. I was standing right next to these people and he repeated this statement several times over and over again to his son.But when other people came into the picture, they poisoned his ears and he totally reversed his statement saying that someone actually hit his son.What is the most shocking is that, the other man,who spoke up against the so-called ‘achayans’ group, was going out of the compound, when this ‘gunda’ followed him,pushed him to the ground.I watched in horror, as he sat on the poor fellow’s back and beat him to pulp.How come not even a single person is enquiring about this man? God alone knows whether he has any bones left unbroken in his body.So this is what happened and people are simply exaggerating and blowing things way way out of proportion.That guy had a cut on face so he should be taken immediately somewhere for the required medical attention.Why wasn’t this done? Instead, lots of people, including the ‘achayan’ were simply standing and arguing there and screaming at others,women were watching,youngsters,sunday school kids were watching,what kind of message are we sending out to these children, who are the future leaders of our church?The very same people who were poisoning the ears of the ‘achayan’ were later inside the church,giggling to themselves and gloating at their success of causing mischief.I saw this too since at that time I was inside attending the Sunday School assembly(I’m a sunday school teacher).I feel that one among that group only wrote the comment on IKON under the pseudonym on ‘JohnJohn’, that is why they got so disturbed after achen’s speech.But even if you don’t agree to what achen said, you have all the freedom to go right upto him and tell him on the face that you disagree.But instead,creating a scene and then exaggerating things to a nonsensical proportion is what was the real intent behind this whole drama.I’m only a 24 yr old girl, but what I saw that Friday in front of my eyes, I have told here truthfully.No body can twist the truth.In the end only truth shall prevail.Another stupid comment was made by the wife of another ‘achayan’.She said,”olla kacharakale ellam palliyil kondu vannaal inganeyokke sambhavikkum”. Obviously she was referring to the so called ‘labour class’. Well aunty, just because people like your husband may have a lot of money, ‘kachara’ behaviour will not change.Because good culture and background is something that cannot be brought with money.So her comment was absolutely disrespectful and out of taste.I’m totally amazed by the way, people can manage to twist things and destroy the peace of our church for their own evil intentions. For all this, God will surely repay you bountifully.That’s all that I have to say.

  21. This is in response to the views raised by some of the readers regarding disrespecting Malankara Association Secretary at Sharjah Church.

    I would like to state that the Vicar or the Managing Committee has not shown any disrespect to Dr. George Joseph, the Malankara Association Secretaey. The Managing Committee had discussed about H.H Bava Thirumeni’s Kalpana about the visit of H.G Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim Thirumeni and the Malankara Association Secretary. It was decided not to conduct a meeting and not to hand over the collected money ( Chatholicate day collection) as it was not attained the target set by the Bava Thirumeni and as usual for the last few years it would send at the year ending after collecting the maximum amount. Accordingly it was informed to HG Zechariahs Mar Aprem Thirumeni. Aprem Thirumeni had agreed with the decision of the Managing Committee and informed this to Seraphim Thirumeni.

    Now, after reaching Dubai Airport, Dr. George Joseph left with some body to some where and neither the Vicar nor the Office bearers of SGOC ( St. Gregorios Orthodox Church ) Sharjah knew about his whereabouts. It was learnt that even he did not call the Achen, so it was not sure that whether he would attend the church the next day ie, on 15/10/2010. So after the holy Qurbana, HG Seraphim Thirumeni spoke about the Chatholicate Day and handed over the memento to the Vicar. As there was no meeting scheduled and as Achen came to know at the end of the Qurbana that Dr. George Joseph was present – as he came to the church in the mid of the Holy Qurbana- Achen did not invite the Association Secretary to conduct a speech. So after the Kaimuthu the he left the church with out meeting the Vicar ( I don’t know whether he attended the Kaimuthu).

    Later, for the next one week started the telephone call abusing Achen and even Kochamma who attend the phone calls in the absence of Achen and one Mr. John John posted comments in the Orthodox Herald abusing Achen and the Managing Committee. Eventually, the next Friday , 22/10/2010 after the Holy Qurban, Achen commented about the happenings and questioned about the letter which had no proper address. Achen said that “prithutham illatha letter eshuthunnathe, shunnathem anennu”.” I don’t think that it is an un parliamentary word. It becomes un parliamentary and provocative when some body directly call some one to “shunnen”. In this case the person(s) with proper address present there might not have felt and those in disguise might have felt.

    By hearing this statement from the Achen, some matured people ( I don’t think they have enough maturity) from Achayan Group – in the language of Mr. Charley Padanilam- started abusing Achen and one even said Achen’s black robe was to be torn off when he come out of the church. This time one person who not belongs to any group – I repeat Mr. Padanilam’s quote – neither from the Achayan Group nor from the Labour Class – simply asked , why you elders were abusing Achen in public. Then one of the senior most members from the so called Achayan Group asked him, “who are you, and what is your role here” ? Then started the so called fighting which led the Vicar’s going to the police station.

    ( The same elder / matured person tussled with the then Jt. Secretary of 2008, on the Good Friday Day in the Service when he asked him politely to move little ahead in order to make space for others too attend. This year Good Friday Service another person from the Achayan group asked me “is it your fathers property ( church) when I asked some one else to go to parish hall where there is plenty of place available to attend the service, instead of gathering in front of the gate. I have seen a comment asked by one Mr. Reji, who built the church? The answer is that, it is not the fault of the younger generation of being borne in the later stage. It is of the “perumthachen” character of some of the elders creates problem. Now let the readers judge who makes abusing words in the church premises thus create problems).

    The rest of the comments and the opinions from different readers are from out of their imagination. I often read the articles of Mr. Charley Padanilam in various orthodox web sites, and with due respect I ask him, he stated that “recently Achayan group donated a fund for a charity project in Northen Kerala. Instead of taking the credits for themselves they informed the recipient it is given by Sharjah St. Gregorios Orthodox Church”. Mr. Padanilam may be well aware that St. Gregorios Orthodox Church Sharjah has got an elected Charity Committee and all the Charity works in Kerala, in India and even here in the UAE are being done through the Charity Committee with out any discrimination of the cast or creed. The SGOC Sharjah Charity Committee had not authorized any body to do the said charity work in the name of SGOC Sharjah. (charity work is always welcome). So why SGOC Charity Committee wanted such credit ?

    Some one has written that, Achen should apologize to the Malankara Association Secretary. Ido not think Malankara Association Secretary is superior to the Priest / Vicar. Priesthood is eternal / everlasting. Malankara Association Secretaryship is only for a certain period.

    Philip Mathew
    Managing Committee Member
    St. Gregoris Orthodox Church Sharjah.

    Ps. The above views and opinion is fully my personnel and not of the Managing Committee of SGOC Sharjah.

  22. Kurian Jacob says:

    Commotion in Sharjah Orthodox Church
    On Friday 22nd October there was clear commotion in Sharjah Orthodox Church that erupted as a result of a speech by respected Vicar of the Church after the holy service.The speech provocated some members which ended in clashes between different groups of parish members. One faithful was injured below the eye who was given three stitches at the hospital and sent home. Police intervened and a case was registered. Police was very pragmatic and advised the Vicar and the one who began the attack and send them back with a stiff warning. The Police ordered them to take extreme care not to repeat such incidents in the church in future. The case was temporarily closed on assurance to the Police by all parties that divisive tendancies will be curtailed, peace will be maintained and ‘the Election process’ that causes division in the church will not anymore be carried out.
    HH The Catholicose had pointedly sent HG Abraham Mar Seraphim and Sabha Secretary Dr.George Joseph to personally collect, on behalf of HH, the Catholicate Day cover collection amount and offer to Sharjah Congregation symbolic gifts of appreciation and certificates of appreciation in presence of all parishioners. HG Mar Seraphim,who arrived on 14th in Sharjah, and informed and appealed to the Vicar of Sharjah Orthodox Church, until 11.30 pm , to allow Dr.George Joseph also to take part in the above meeting that was to be held on 15th,Friday after the holy Quirbana. However unfortunately the concerned authority took a negative stand and inspite of being present in the church compound did not allow Dr.George Joseph to participate.
    As the reports about this incident appeared in Orthodox Herald and in ICON of Yahoo groups, the Priest was enraged and gave an explanatory speech the very following Friday after the Service where he used certain uncharitable words (which should have been avoided) that genuinely saddened most of the parish members. After Kaimuthu was over, certain members questioned Achen on his uncharitable remarks and one of the member was held by the collar by a ruling group member.
    There is probably a background to this. The present managing committee of the church ‘kept away’ a group of prominent parish members, who were essentially responsible for the formation of present Sharjah Parish itself, from involving in church activities. They then ended up forming a group called ‘SROTHUS’,a humanitarian charity organization, which built a village itself in Wynadu and contributed many houses to the deserving poor. HB Paulose Mar Milithiose, Catholicose designate with three other Bishops had taken part in the house donation ceremony along with Sabha Secretary Dr.George Joseph probably not being aware of any controversy involved.
    The present Sharjah Church Managing Committee had complained against the activities of the ‘SROTHUS’ to HH the Bawa Thirumeni and the Holy Synod and had asked that this SROTHUS be banned and all those who were associated with this be ‘strictly warned’. The present MC feels that they are not being given the due recognition by the Church authorities and is encouraging ‘SROTHUS’. However, members of ‘SROTHUS’ say that with the help of forcibly enrolled members who hardly come to the church for worship or involve in church associated activities, the present managing committee has come to power and an ill advising 2-3 member ‘caucus’ within this group is controlling the Sharjah Church and the managing Committee. This 2-3 member CORE of the Group will decide what to do, when to do and How to do the things in Sharjah Pally. For retaining the POWER they will do anything. Theses Group have the letterheads of their home Parish and make letters and sign on behalf of the home parish vicar and give admission to those who support them. Hence Sharjah Pally has a mix of Catholic, Marthoma and Jacob people. Even the Sharjah Pally Vicar announced one day, those who are coming for Confession, don’t know how to make the sign of the Cross and some said “ Easaw Machihayakku sthuthy untayirikkante”. And a lot more by this Politically centred Group.
    Sharjah Orthodox Church has been forefront in Malankara Sabha in all fields of activity. Unfortunately the situation has changed due to divisive and vested interests who want only to hold on to power.
    Saint Gregorious Church in Sharjah, known as the ‘Parumala of the Desert’ holds the holy relics of Parumala Thirumeni. The church is open from 5 am until late night for worshippers. Many miracles are continually taking place in this church. The church is also well known model for its charity and humanitarian efforts and activities. The faithful should make every effort to strongly act to curtail this craziness for power and positions and spoil the holy church atmosphere. THE VICAR SHOULD ENDEAVOUR, selflessly and committedly, TO BRING IN ALL GROUPS TOGETHER, so that the parishioners can be exemplary Christians and enjoy much more very effective Orthodox Christian fellowship. Those who do not fall in line should be removed without fear or favour. The Church hierarchy should open its eyes to the unbecoming realities that have emerged.
    Let us wholeheartedly and steadfastedly pray that good sense that enhance and sustain Christian values will prevail in our beloved Sharjah church that has been the pride of Malankara Orthodox Church.

  23. JOHN K RAJAN says:

    Dear Mr.Thomas,

    It was not my intention to portray money donation as a linkage between Sharjah Church and Malankara Sabha and if my writing made you feel that way, I hereby apologise and thank you for correcting it. But my question was why this issue was blown out of propositions. Those who attended holy mass on that day could not smell anything of this nature from anyone. As per our information, the honourable Sabha Secretary did not even bother to talk to the Vicar about his visit as a normal courtesy . The other striking point is that he came is that he came to the church after Anpudeyan ………. i.e after after 2 hours from the starting of Prabhata Namaskaram. Is it true ? Is it an example to be emulated by our youth? If he was attending any other function, it is another story. We orthodox christians, barring a few have this habit and that is why we have these kind of sufferings.
    Now even if there has been a slip on the part of Vicar, the ideal thing for Sabha Secretary was to sort it out with Managing committee and Vicar and instead this issue was thrown open and according to our tradition, one fraction saw it as a golden opportunity and we are fighting for nothing.

    There was a split in Damascus in 1895 between 2 patriarichs and we the people of Malankara are still fighting as 2 groups (Orthodox and Jacobite) and our 7 generations have fought it upto supreme court and it will never end. What is the issue, nobody knows. Therefore, we are borne to fight, we want some issues , that is all. Nobdoy can stop this. My fellows, best of luck to everyone.

  24. Abraham says:

    Am not a member of Sharjah Church. After reading through the versions of both the sides, it is easy to understand the crux of the problem, and that is ‘EGO’.

    Some had already mentioned that, “They had well publicized the project in Malayala Manorama with photographs of all those involved”.

    Whats the problem with others then? That their photos didnt appear in a prominent newspaper??? If one group had collected the money from the entire church and had their own photos printed, then thats a different issue. However someone spend their own hard earned money, in the way they wished. Thats should be no botheration for others…

    People should come to the church to worship, and not to judge who shows off and who does not. That is for God to judge, people shouldnt be coming to church, to see who is rich and who is poor.

    The only business people should have with church is to worship and serve God. And not to form groups within. Retrospect and seek pardon from God.

    Am just 27, and the one thing that I have seen so far in our church is, that people who are old, are the most immature. If you people dont know how to behave in a CHURCH, how will you people raise your kids properly.

  25. Thomas Jacob says:

    കാലം ചെയ്ത പ. മാത്യൂസ്‌ ദ്വിതീയന്‍ ബാവ വിചാരിച്ചിട്ട് പോലും തീര്‍ക്കാന്‍ കഴിയാതിരുന്ന കലഹം ഈ കത്തനാരുടെ കാലത്ത് രൂക്ഷമാവുകയും നാണം കെട്ട ചില സംഭവവികാസങ്ങളിലേക്ക് എത്തിച്ചേരുന്ന സ്ഥിതിവിശേഷം ഉണ്ടാവുകയും ചെയ്തു.സത്യം പറഞ്ഞാല്‍ ഷാര്‍ജാ പള്ളിയിലെ പ്രശ്നങ്ങള്‍ പരിഹരിക്കാന്‍ ഭദ്രാസന മേത്രപ്പോലിതയ്ക്കോ സഭാ നേതൃത്വതിണോ താല്പര്യമില്ലാത്ത അവസ്ഥയാനുള്ളത്. വരുന്ന അച്ചന്മാരൊക്കെ ഏതെങ്കിലും ഒരു വിഭാഗത്തിന്റെ ചട്ടുകമായി പ്രവര്‍ത്തിച് കിട്ടാവുന്ന അത്രയും പണം പിടുങ്ങി സുഖലോലുപന്മാരായി ജീവിക്കുക, കിട്ടുന്നതിന്റെ വിഹിതം ഭദ്രാസനത്തില്‍ എത്തിക്കുക എന്നൊക്കെയുള്ള ഹിഡന്‍ അജണ്ടയാണ് ഇത്തരക്കാര്‍ നടപ്പാക്കുന്നത്. ആത്മീയത ശൂന്യമാകുന്നു എന്ന് മാത്രമല്ല ഷാര്‍ജാ ഓര്‍ത്തഡോക്‍സ്‌ ദൈവാലയത്തിന് ചുറ്റും പ്രോട്ടെസ്ടന്റ്റ് ദൈവാലയങ്ങള്‍ തഴച്ചു വളരുകയും ചെയ്യുന്നു. എത്രയോ പേര്‍ പെന്തകോസ്ത് വിശ്വാസത്തിലും തങ്കു ബ്രദര്‍നോട്പ്പവും അനുദിനം പൊയ്ക്കൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്നു. കാണാതെ പോയ ഒരാടിനെ കണ്ടെത്തുവാന്‍ ബാക്കി 99 നെയും വിട്ടു അന്വേഷിച്ച നമ്മുടെ രക്ഷകനായ ക്രിസ്തുയേശുവിന്റെ യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ അനുയായികളാണോ ഇക്കൂട്ടര്‍? ദൈവം ഇക്കൂട്ടര്‍ക്കും ഇവരെ താങ്ങി നടക്കുന്ന അഭിനവ പരീശന്മാര്‍ക്കും സാദൂക്യര്‍ക്കും നല്ലത് തോന്നിപ്പിക്കാന്‍ പ്രാര്‍ത്ത്തിക്കാം.ഒരു കാര്യം ഓര്‍ക്കുന്നത് നല്ലത് ” പ്രാര്തനയാലും ഉപവാസതാലും അല്ലാതെ ഈ ജാതി ഒഴിഞ്ഞു പോകയില്ല” നിശ്ചയം..

  26. I read almost all the comments from various members reg this issue. MR Roni Thomas’ comments forces me to beleve that Dr George Jospeh was indeed belittled at Sharjah. I have not seen Dr George in person, But I fail to understand as to why anybody asosciated with any of the individual Parish Managing committee, in this electronic era, anywhere in the whole world, is uable to identify Dr George if he steps into one of our Parishes – officially or otherwise. I do believe what heppened at Sharjah is an example of some our Priests who think they is abvoe the Catholicose of the East.

  27. Reji says:

    Rony Thomas,

    Do you know the protocol of malankara sabha?

    church vicar, secretary and trusty should know when ever sabha secretary visits the church, he should be given some time to speak and for that no need a tirumeni’s request or kalpana.

  28. Reji says:

    Mr Roni Thomas,

    I want to clarify some thing from you.

    1) How many years you are in U A E?

    2) Do you Know who constructed SGOC?

    3) What was your role in constructing SGOC?

    4) What are the different groups in SGOC? can you name it?

    5) How can you say people are comminng to chucrh full drunk? May be you, not us.

    6) Some one is doing charity with their own money, what is your problem?

    7) How one member is injured and taken to hospital with blood? who is responsible?

    8) Where was the church secretary and trusty at that time?

    9) Do you think, priest wording was correct? and can you use all words used in bible, there is good and bad . Do you name your child “Satan” because that is in bible.

    10) How some one can attach a very old man 65+ in church compount and he was among the one behind SGOC establishment 30years before. That time you never heard of Sharjah and Dubai.


  29. RK says:

    Dear all,
    The above incident is one the major issue in Orthodox Church. Especially in UAE, as a muslim country they are give much more freedom for the Christians to follow their religion. This kind of incident will affect our churches in UAE and also all other christen communities. Because of that our Sharjah church peoples become a curse of all Christians in UAE.
    Regarding with the Rev Father’s Speech at church is a big mistake and a blunder. As a priest he should mind his words. The meaning of “PUROHITHAN” is “MUNPE NADAKUNNAVAN” so if the leader is like this then, how will be the followers….?? Now I feel some of the members in shrjah church loving “CHURCH BUILDING and CHURCH AUTHORITY” more than the GOD. That is reason this church having a strong “BHARANA PAKSHAM and PRATHI PAKSHAM” same like in the POLITICAL ORGANIZATION.

    Again I am wondering, why our Sabha high command and authorities even diocese metropolitan is keeping quit in this matter. I believe they are least bothered about the Church activates. Only need the money from the churches. If money is getting timely then they wont care about anything happened in the Churches”APPAM THINNA PORE KUZHI ENNANO..?”.

  30. Thomas says:

    According to Mr. John K Rajan’s words, the only relation between Sharjah Parish and Mlankara Orthodox Church is Money Donation. If we donate a huge amount, everything is fine… right..? Mr.John please do remember this money is collected not only from “PALLI PRAMANIKAL”, even the FILS of LABORS are there.
    If we gave much money to PARENTS or PARISH.. Don’t think our duty is finished.. We should love and respect them…
    Dear Miss.Susen, I noticed your quote “Respected Achen used very uncultured” language in the altar after the holy Mass”
    I would like to highlight two words from the above sentence and ask one doubt.
    “*Respected* Achen used very *uncultured* language”
    Do you able to RESPECT the person who is using very UNCULTURED language…..?
    Dear Respected Rev.Fr.Joy Pyngolil,
    Please go through the comment of Miss.Susen. “Whatever will be the issue .. but Respected Achen used very uncultured language in the altar after the holy Mass”
    Dear ACHA can I ask you one qn. As a PRIEST, will you able to do the same….?

  31. Sijo says:

    Any way… All Happened…..
    And only one thing church is not a place for fight….
    Rather tell them to conduct mass either in a kacha parkaing ground…….
    And conduct the Holy Mass with a chethukaran…. Not a priest currently the vicar of shj church……….

    Sijo Thumpamon

  32. RK says:

    Dear all,
    The above incident is one the major issue in Orthodox Church. Especially in UAE, as a muslim country they are give much more freedom for the Christians to follow their religion. This kind of incident will affect our churches in UAE and also all other christen communities. Because of that our Sharjah church peoples become a curse of all Christians in UAE.
    Regarding with the Rev Father’s Speech at church is a big mistake and a blunder. As a priest he should mind his words. The meaning of “PUROHITHAN” is “MUNPE NADAKUNNAVAN” so if the leader is like this then, how will be the followers….?? Now I feel some of the members in shrjah church loving “CHURCH BUILDING and CHURCH AUTHORITY” more than the GOD. That is reason this church having a strong “BHARANA PAKSHAM and PRATHI PAKSHAM” same like in the POLITICAL ORGANIZATION.

    Again I am wondering, why our Sabha high command and authorities even diocese metropolitan is keeping quit in this matter. I believe they are least bothered about the Church activates. Only need the money from the churches. If money is getting timely then they wont care about anything happened in the Churches”APPAM THINNA PORE KUZHI ENNANO..?”.

    ഫ്രൈഡേ സോന്ഗ് : (ഈണം- മലയാറ്റൂര്‍ പള്ളിയില്‍ പെരുനാള് കൂടണം…….)
    ഷാര്‍ജയിലെ പള്ളിയില്‍…..കുര്‍ബാന കൂടണം…….
    തെറി ഒക്കെ കേള്‍ക്കണം….കൂട്ട… അടി കൂടി കണ്ടീടെണം…………
    നമ്മള്‍ ക്രിസ്ത്യാനി….ഹാ!!!… ഓര്‍ത്തഡോക്സ്.. ക്രിസ്ത്യാനി എന്നു തെളിയണം……

  33. Roni Thomas says:

    Dear Mr. Charly Padanilam,
    I am a member of SGOC and after reading your posted comments, I happened to go through our Parish Directory to identify you, but in vain. So I assume that you have posted your comments under cover by using another name. You have highlighted the untrue side of truth. There was no riot between any groups in the church. It was wholly a one-sided attack on an impartial and unarmed God fearing member of the church who politely asked some others to refrain from using abusive language against Achan, outside the church at the time of ‘Kaimuthu’. If the other group, as you say, had reacted, the scene would not have been the same. It would have ended with a disastrous climax.

    Now regarding the Achayan groups’ donation for charity project- Are you confused? They had well publicized the project in Malayala Manorama with photographs of all those involved. Do you think all of us in UAE are blind to have not noticed all that? What are you trying to prove that they are saints?

    On October 15th after Holy Mass, H.G. Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim addressed the gathering, gave the memento for the church on behalf of Bava Thirumeni. I was one of the thousands witnessing the entire scene and I never heard Thirumeni asking Achan several times to call Dr. George Joseph to come up. You have twisted the scene a little bit (for whom I don’t know), that I find it difficult to digest that inspite of Thirumeni’s repeated attempts in front of the crowd, Achan disobeyed by not calling the Sabha Secretary. For your kind information, it is only at this point of time that all in the church including Achan, became aware of our ‘Great Sabha Secretary’s ‘ presence in the church when told by Thirumeni.

    How will you entertain or receive a guest who comes to your home with prior notice and without? This is a similar situation and you must understand that we are a gathering of more than 2000+ families! It would have been appreciated if the Sabha Secretary came to our church through proper channel and take due respect.

    I am reminded of the story of the two goats and the wolf who made them fight and waited for their blood. I hope you know how the story ends.

    On October 22nd after the Holy Mass, Achan made a speech regarding the whole issue. You claim that Achan used inappropriate statements but he has just employed terms which are very much from the Bible. In fact, if you were a little more attentive during your own wedding service, you would have heard the same terms in the ‘Evangaleon’.
    If these words of Achan have ignited people who were there, it only proves their guilt. I have proof to say that these people have used abusive language in front of women and children who were coming out after ‘kaimuthu’.

    They have gone to the extent of coming to the church fully drunk and threatening to tear Achan’s robe after church service. What do you have to say to all this – my friend in disguise?
    I feel Achan was bold enough to expose the actual situation in front of the whole Church clearly. He must be applauded for this brave act. It was unfortunate to have Achan being called to the police station to solve the issue which could have been settled then and there. As for the involvement of our Managing Committee members, you have no clue of the efforts put in to carry out all Church activities so smoothly. Their highly coordinated work must be appreciated by one and all. You must remember them in your prayers for raising our Church to this high status from what it was earlier during your so called ‘Achayan group’s rule.

    It has to be doubted whether some people are intentionally aiming at getting the Church being closed down.
    I would also request you to close your eyes for a minute or an hour (as you please), and spent time in repentance for making such false allegations and misleading information.

  34. Reji says:

    What is heard from sharjah Church is not good.
    The church managing commitee doesn’t know the protocol of the Malankara Sabha. what is the inportance of Sabha Secretary, let god bless them. They think giving money is important, not the respect.
    I think Malankara Sabha Managing Committee Member for U A E is from Sharjah Church and church managing committee is not participating him any of the church functions, because he is from different group.
    Priests should not take altar for abusing some one, he should know fire is comming from there.
    If any body having any objection in any news, there is a way to complain and correct it.
    But not in this way.
    Few persons doing back seat driving in sharjah church, that is why this type incidents happening. Vicar also doesn’t have any power to do any thing.

    Any way sharjah church group is giving a new testament ” FIGHT EACH OTHER”
    instead of “Love Each Other”

  35. Mathew says:

    Malankara Orthodox Church has run out of able, proactive leaders and neither it has a collective leadership.We have 30 plus Metropolitans, fortunately all are engaged in their own world. See the Jacobite faction, there is a visible leadership and commands goes down till the bottom line.

    As a church we must go after peace and get it, there is no church I heard of ever, which has engaged in litigation for a century , that too with brothers.And to my best knowledge, litigiations are not going to end for another century. World is moviing forward too fast and we ortthodox syrian christians are left behind, tied up from Munsif courts till Supreme court,to decide whether it is ‘chicken or egg?’. Remember,century long litigation has only contributed to tremendous growth of jacobite faction.As Malankara orthodox Church we must reconcile with our Jacobite brothers. Fights and litigations must end at malankara church level, then folks would follow. ( aashankshram onnu pizhachaal……………..)

  36. Eappen says:

    Dear Concerned,

    I am a member of Malanka Orthodox Church and would like to know the issue in detail.

    It is our culture to respect the guest. If any disrepect is happened, it is very unfortunate.

    Let the officials of the Sharjah Church publish the subject matter in detail.

  37. Without knowing the whole story I cannot comment on any particular issue. However, it seems there is some uneasiness, which needs attention from church authorities. We need open talks, mediation an reconciliation. Are both groups willing to sit down around a table to discuss and resolve issues? Then we can help. there is no issue which cannot be resolved by open and honest talks.

    By the way folks, please understand, you are not in America to split and form new parishes at your will. You need to work together and resolve your differences and worship God. Think about a situation where all can be winners and glorify His name.

  38. paul says:

    I am a member of Sharjah Orthodox church, not a member of any so called “group”. It is really shame for the orthodox community, that such an incident happend at our church premises. we can have child like character, but childish attitude should be avoided. thats not suitable to matured people I believe. the maturity should be there from the vicar as well as the members. we are all working here in UAE, and if it happens in our workplace, then definitely the person involves will lose their job, we know the rules and regulations here. Moreover the church property is not belonging to us, it belong to the next generation also. we have to hand over it safely to our children or to the next generation. I am sure the people involved in that incident are not aware of the fact that this SGOC was built and given to us by our previous generation. those who utilize the church for their personal monetary benefits will suffer a lot, and their family will suffer, their children will suffer, no doubt.. we are trying to safeguard the original Parumala church from other jacobite faction back in kerala, and here we are not able to protect our own church (marubhoomiyile parumala)… really a shame. please show the maturity, act wisely, when it is a matter of 2200 members, difference in opinion is quite natural. it can be discussed and resolved. i can’t understand how these people are taking decisions in their respective workplaces. their we are getting salary or profits in time… right??!!! in church also you will get the return in time for your acts and behaviour, but not in money form…….

  39. Charly V. Padanilam says:

    The incident that happened in the St. Gregorios Syrian Orthodox Church (“Marubhoomiyilee Parumala”) is totally unacceptable. The immature and disrespecting activity of attempting to defame the Secretary of my Malankara Association is not at all justifiable. Every one of my Church should condemn this activity.

    It is the result of a group riot which starts since long time in that parish. It is a well known fact that the two groups in the Church are competing and characterized by themselves as 1) Achayan Group and 2) Labor class.

    Recently the Achayan group donated a fund for a charity project in Northern area of Kerala. Instead of taking the credit for themselves they informed the recipient it is given by Sharjah St. Gregorios Orthodox Church. When it is noticed by the second group they brought it as a triumph against the 1st group and decided to inform H.H. Catholicos and the Holy Synod to clear that that charity is not of the Parish but it is a donation of the 1st group only. The vicar also sided with the 2nd group as he benefits the majority.

    What justification can claim the Vicar and other group when someone donate the money from their pocket and give all the credit to the Parish? It might be because of the grudge and hatred mentality.

    When H.G.Mar Seraphim and Dr. George Joseph arrived in UAE to collect the Catholicate day fund according to the “Kalpana” of H.H. Catholicos they contacted the Vicar and the vicar told them that they are ready to accept the shield for the Church and the fund is not handing over now. They invited the delegates and H.G. Mar Seraphim celebrated the Holy Qurbana and at the end H.G. reminded and requested several times to the Vicar to let Dr. George Joseph a chance to speak, but the vicar just announced the “Sabah Secretary is here attended the service “ and did not let him a chance to speak to the parish.

    The Malankara “Sabah Secretary” is elected by the Malankara association and approved by the Holy Synod and he visited with the direction of the Physical spiritual Head of the Church. Any disrespect towards the Secretary; whoever it may be; it is a disrespect to the Malankara Association, Malankara Orthodox church and H.H. Catholicos.It is a serious violation of our tradition, faith and constitution. Even if the laymen did express any foolish ideas, the Vicar should have to rectify it and he should not stay with the immature and disrespectable decision of the managing committee.

    The next Friday after the service The vicar did some inappropriate statements with non-parliamentarian usages at the Church and that lead to a riot among the two groups which ended up physical attack in the Church compound and reached to police involvement. One of the members got injured in his eye and the police called the Vicar to the Police station and seriously warned the consequences if it repeats. We got a place to worship in the Arab country and this kind of violence can make it to lose that privilege. Anyone can enjoy the freedom and play politics now but I would request humbly to those brothers to have a minute to think the history of that church and how did u have this freedom of worship and place there. The case was serious but with the involvement of some mediators it has been resolved otherwise it may cause some adverse effect and it may reach to lose some ones job and the status of the vicar might be in dangerous situation.

    The action of the Vicar is totally unacceptable and the Church should take this matter seriously as such kind of inappropriate activities and treatments should not stage in the future in any of our parishes. At the meantime the church should take attention to solve the difference between the 2 groups and stern action to re-conciliate them.

    Thanking you and hope an earliest attention of all the members in that parish. Kindly close your eyes for a minute and think that is the parish that kept the relics of our beloved Parumala Thirumeny. Is it our duty at there to establish peace or hatred?

  40. Manoj says:

    How can a priest call somebody (shunnen in Malayalam) which means neither man nor women standing on the alter. What is the difference between this person and the priest. This has to be informed to Bava Thiruemni let him take action against him.

  41. joseph says:

    Dear All,
    Firstly A priest representing the Jesus Christ, HE SHOLUD UNDERSTAND THAT FACT, if this father is not aware that, then let him go and learn that first. whatever the reason, he don’t want to use that kind of words in the alter. Did he born and boughtup in the Fishmarket??? this priest and this ninan make sharjah parish to become a local congress committee, and simply they are doing massive polictics in this church. achan president, and ninan secretary. that’s why they want to finish this matter internally. if this are going like this, then achan will be a regular vistor in the police station, ALL the Best Father.

  42. Thomas Jacob says:

    Dear All,
    This kind of attitude and behaviour of a MALANKARA ORTHODOX Vicar and Managing Committee of St. Gregoros Orthodox Church, Sharjah towards the Sabha Secretary is not at all acceptable. Please read the below message. (Ref: ICON Digest Number 3993)
    “Today I was so blessed to attend the Holy Qurbana at our Dubai Church, while on visit. It is really a grand church. HG Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim Thirumeni celebrated the Holy Qurbana. After the Holy Qurbana there was a grand function where the Catholicate day Collection from the Church (record about Rs 15 lakhs) was formally handed over. Seraphim Thrumeni and Sabha Secretary Dr. George Joseph attended the function representing HH Catholica Bava Thirumeni.

    I highly appreciate the Vicars as well as the Managing Committee along with the Parishners of St Thomas Orthodox Church Dubai for the great work they are doing for the community as well as the Church. Others should learn from this Great Church with a membership of more than 4000.

    Love & Prayers,

    Thomas Chacko, Ernakulam (from Dubai)
    See how the people are appreciating. People know what is right and wrong.

    Whats happening in Sharjah Orthodox Church. Becoming a den of devils. Groupism to Ghundaism. No leaders have the courage to stop it or rectify the path. Sabha leaders need to raise according to the situation, they are silent. Watching the fight. NO, they have to act and action is very much needed. Its really a shame for the Sabha that Sharjah Pally is controlled by few people.
    Sabha leaders should not send a Priest to this Church who cannot stand independetly and who cannot take unbiased decisions. I heard that this Vicar even got a chance to solve the issues between the groups. But he not utilized it in the right way.
    Thomas Jacob

  43. Ninan says:

    Dear All,
    I am a misfortunate and disturbed person who visited Sharjah Church last friday. What had happened after the mass was a blot and ignominy for each and every Orthodox people. The incidents brought smear to the entire Christian fraternity in UAE.
    People should keep the sanctity of churches. Church managing committee members or non-managing committee members should aware that each and every Friday some new worshipers (coming to the Sharjah church for the first time to pray)will be present in the church and this kind of incidents will make them to go away from the church forever..
    Please stop unnecessary comments and unwanted publications in public which leads to have a negative impact. Sort out the issues internally.

  44. Susan says:

    Dear all
    The incident which held on last friday in Shj St.Gregorious Church was a shamefull matter to all malankara orthodox christians ,…
    Whatever will be the issue .. but Respected Achen used very uncultured language in the allttar aftrer the holy Mass
    its really a big bad mark in the history of great Sharjah Pally
    Plz avoid these type of issues in future .. May God bless all

  45. Shaji says:

    Dear All,

    Priest has explained the facts that what was happen on the visit of bishop and Secratery. This is because our church members has to aware the fact. If somebody don’t like the fact. we cannot help.

  46. John says:

    Dear All,
    This is a very serious incident of dis respecting a Sabha Sec when Bava Thiruemni have sent them to Shj and Dubai. which committee and vicar has the right to discuss bava thirumeni’s kalpana? As far as i have heard abt this vicar, he is totally an immature person. Last Friday in the altar he used some words which were not supposed to be used by a priest. In the history of our Shj church a priest first tme had to go the Police station. Because of him a fight had taken place between 2 groups. I recommend that the priest ASAP should return back to Delhi Diocese. The priest should also write a apology letter to the secretar

  47. Mathew says:

    The surprising issue is, despite knowing this factional fights which goes on ever since the establishment of this parish church, the malankara church leadership kept a blind eye towards it. Both factions were encouraged by malankara church leaders knowing there is serious disputes and differences among them. No efforts of reconciliation were brought forward by the church leadership.its high time to put our own house in order.The church leadership seems to be interested only in the last part of ‘depa sthambham mahacharyam,…..


  48. Reji Manalel says:

    That incident was very shameful for all memebers of Malankara Saba.Dr George Joseph was represting to the Malankara Saba .He is not a normal person.he is a Saba secretary.whoever behind this incident they have to answer .

  49. shaji says:

    Dear John,
    Can you explain the story of your vicar who visited the police station.As a normal sabha member we respect sabha sec.Today Dubai church conducted same type of one meeting. please get the church member’s feedback. Sharjah vicar have some rude manners to Malankara sabha.try to solve the probelms as earliest as possible.
    with prayer

  50. JOHN K RAJAN says:

    Dear Sir,

    The statement made by Mr. Sam Cherian is not based on facts but seems to have derived from incorrect information received by him. The leader of the delegation, Thirumeni of Banglore Diocese spoke in the church for about 15 minutes about the purpose of the visit and he exhorted people to contribute generously towards Catholicate day contribution and he appreciated the fact that the Sharjah St Gregarious church had contributed 3% more than the targeted figure set by the Malankara Sabha Managing committee. The respected Thirumeni never complained about any issue or of any disrespect shown to his delegation but only said that since this is the first time that Malankara Church has undertaken this kind of an exercise by visiting churches , there has been some confusion in coordinating the event. Well said and we should strive to improve for a better event next year. Thirumeni gave a Memento to the church for the wonderful job done by us during the last year. But now why this complaint is now being made?

    Mr. Sam Cherian should know that Sharjah St Gregarious Church has contributed around 4% of the total budgeted amount by the Malankara Church for this particular contribution whereas we have thousands of churches spread over all over the world. How many of them have contributed 100 percent of the target, even 50% of the target, we should also look into this aspect. As far as one could gather, our church did not complete the collection of this year’s contribution and there fore was hesitant to pay only the collected amount. The Church authorities wanted to repeat last year’s feat of 100% or more and therefore sought time till Dec 2010 as usual in the past. Please do not make an issue on this matter and responsible people should make responsible statements. The fall out of this issue is that church members are now fighting amoung themselves on this matter and our Vicar had to go Sharjah Police Station today. That is another story.

    With regards

    John K Rajan

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