Mar Dionysius visits Tata Nagar, Jamshedpur and Bokkaro, Jharkhand

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JAMSHEDPUR: Metropolitan of the Diocese of Kolkotha Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius visited Tata Nagar, Jamshedpur and Bokkaro, Jharkhand, two important cities, in his diocese from September 18-20, 2010.

At Tata Nagar the Metropolitan visited the new Orthodox Center and the new Church being constructed. Mar Dionysius delivered a meditation after evening prayers and celebrated Holy Qurbana at the Roman Catholic Mission School, where temporary arrangements were made therefore.

The Metropolitan also delivered a lecture at the Malayalee Samajam, Tata Nagar, on the topic ‘Family Life and its Present Challenges in the Modern Society’. Visit of the shepherd of the Diocese of Kolkatha became a memorable experience to both the parishioners and to the Malayalee Community at Tata Nagar at large.

At Bokkaro the Metropolitan blessed foundation stones for the MGM Higher Secondary School and St. Mary’s Primary School, both run by the Diocese of Kolkatha and the Bhilai Mission.

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