Orthodox Siblings to Present Mohiniyattam at Commonwealth Games’ Inaugural Ceremony

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NEW DELHI: Nissi Babu and Neena Babu, Orthodox siblings belonging to the St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Hauzkhaz, New Delhi, will present Mohiniyattam at the inaugural ceremony of the New Delhi Commonwealth Games in October.

“It is singularly the mercy of God that we can participate in a ceremony that the whole world is eagerly anticipating to watch”, said the sisters with a lot of enthusiasm.

Nissi and Neena live at Mayur Vihar Phase I, New Delhi and are daughters of O. Babu and Jolly. These Malayalee girls are born and brought in at New Delhi.

Nissi and Neena are students of famous Delhi based dance teacher Radha Marar. They will take part in the October 3rd event along with other 40 dancers trained at Kalamandalam, Vallathol, the famous dance school.

News sent in by: Joji Ninan

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