Seven Metropolitans of Malankara visit Israel

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ISRAEL: The newly consecrated seven Metropolitans of Malankara along with forty three faithful have celebrated Holy Qurbana on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at St. Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Church, Bethlahem.

Metropolitan Joshua Mar Nichodemus was the chief celebrant, who was assisted by the other Metropolitans, Fr. John Sankarathil and priests of the locality.

Before entering to Israel the group visited Egypt, and witnessed sacred places like Maddi Church, where the Holy Family stayed during their flight to Egypt. They also visited places, where apparition of St. Mary happened. From there they went to Mount Sinai and the Egyptian sojourn longed for two days.

In Israel the group will spend six days and will trace the footprints of Lord Jesus Christ on earth. They will fly back to India on September 30 from Amman, Jordan.

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2 Responses for “Seven Metropolitans of Malankara visit Israel”

  1. Greetings, just a correction from a Palestinian orthodox clergy; Bethlehem is in occupied Palestine not Israel. In these times of troubles, any help for our Orthodox brethren in support of the Orthodox Palestinians would be much appreciated and a spiritual responsibility. Very nice Photo. Yours in Christ, Father Spyridon

  2. eldo says:

    very good .at last in Lord’s land, SOC and IOC share church.

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