Malankara Church Implements ‘U-Turn’ Project

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KOTTAYAM: The Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan Baselios Marthoma Didymus I exhorted all children of Malankara Church to refrain from the abuse of all kind of drugs and alcohol. The Pontiff observed that the abuse of alcohol, drugs and other kinds of intoxicants have increased alarmingly in Kerala and it is in this context that the Supreme Head of Malankara Church issued Bull no 489/2010 dated September 15, 2010.

The Catholicos observed that Kerala that carries the fame ‘God’s own country’ is now slowly embracing the notoriety ‘alcohol’s own country’. “Alcohol has the capacity to destroy ‘the temple of God, namely, the human body’. A young generation that is falling into the snares of alcohol and drugs that provides momentary kick is at heavy danger of severe disasters, personality disorders and possible suicides. Witnessing these pitiful situations the Church can not keep herself silent”, acclaimed the Pontiff.

On this predicament the Church is implementing a new initiative called ‘U-Turn’ that fights abuse of alcohol and drugs. The initiative will run through three months, October, November and December 2010. Ministry of Human Empowerment will be in charge of this initiative.

IOH had reported earlier that the August meeting of the Holy Episcopal Synod had taken a decision into this effect and the bull from the Pontiff is officially implementing the Holy Episcopal Synod’s decision.

The bull exhorts all parishes to implement anti alcohol and drug abuse initiatives at parish level under the auspices of various spiritual organizations. It also exhorts the Church members to completely refrain from the use of alcohol during banquets of blessed occasions like weddings, baptisms and housewarmings. Christmas celebration shall also be devoid of alcohol, encouraged the Catholiocos.

“Above all, may the Holy Spirit help us to find joyfulness and sober intoxication in the new vine, Christ, who makes everything happy”, concludes the bull sent out to all parishes in Malankara.

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