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Mar Seraphim envisions commitment to Orthodox traditions and society for Bangalore diocese

BANGALORE : The new metropolitan of new Bangalore Diocese who took charge on August 15, recently gave an interview to Bangalore-based News9, the leading English news channel in Karnataka.

Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim was interviewed by Bansy Kalappa, Special Correspondent, News9, alongwith cameraman Kavit Kumar, at the St Gregorious Cathedral, Hosur Road, Bangalore. Mar Seraphim spoke about his vision for the the new diocese. The news clip was titled: BENGALURU IOC GETS NEW METROPOLITAN

The news and interview was telecast on September 11, 2010.

The Orthodox church in Bengaluru has a new metropolitan. He is the leader of the community that hails from Kerala. Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim speaks aobut his vision for Bengaluru, the youth and the challenges ahead for the 2,000 year-old-church. Metropolitan Abraham was himself a student in Bengaluru and has a close association with the city.

The word by word interview follows:

Bansy Kalappa: “Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim has taken over as Bishop of the Orthodox Church.. He is the new and the youngest Bishop of this new diocese. Lets go out to him to find out what his vision is for Bengaluru… Sir, Dr Abraham what is your vision for Bengaluru…?”

Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim: “I have a vision for my church as well as a vision for the society in Bangalore. The vision for the church is to make the whole folk spirtually well and they should love and respect God.. They should follow the path of Orthodox tradition and they should be committed to the society also not only for the church but they have to contribute something to the society. We know what is right and we know what is wrong…but many of our young people…not many.. some of …atleast some of our young people are chosing wrong paths. There are lot of people who are addicted to drinking.. those kind of lifestyle — there are lot of people moving away from the religious life. They don’t attend worship, they..they follow the secular lifestyle..so this is my little advice to .. or my vision for the people that they should follow the right path and have a meaningful life. So that it will be beneficial for their family and their church well as the society as a whole….”

Thank you, Your Grace…….

The full text and video of the News9 interview is available on our vedio gallery