Mar Seraphim devices action plan for Orthodox youth at Bangalore meet

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BANGALORE: Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan head for the newly created Bangalore diocese had an interesting interactive session with the Orthodox youth on September 18 at the St Mary’s Orthodox Valliyapally in Jalahalli.

The two-hour meeting saw MGOCSM youth from various Orthodox churches of Bangalore with representations from churches in Dasarahalli, Mathikere, Indiranagar, Hebbal, Begur and Tumkur including the hosts, Valliyapally taking part.

In the end, an action plan was initiated for the migrant and working youth of Bangalore. In the following months this will get going and resource persons will work on fellowships to tackle emotional and work stress among the youth.

“The three important aspects among the youth organisations are worship, study and survival activities). But sadly, today’s youth is interested only in the survival aspect and negating the other two which is found lacking among the youth organisations. So significance must be given to worship as well as study,” points Dr Mar Seraphim.

As a feedback, a list of parish wise youth membership chart will be collected. This will contain all email ids and phone numbers of the youth members so as to form a cohesive youth forum.

“Many young people are coming to our diocese especially from Bangalore and Hyderabad and we responsible to nurture them. The new diocese has an additional responsibility in taking care of the needs of such ‘outsiders’. We need to extend the youth programmes to get their active participation and involvement in all activities. We have to take this up as a challenge. Our aim is to make sure that no youth of our church loses out on anything. We also need to start something new for the working youth and pull them into organisation meetings and conferences on a regular basis. We need to find resource persons to organise fellowships,” he elaborated.
It was also decided to launch a calendar of events for 2011 by December so that the dates of the activities would not clash with those of any other spiritual organisations of the church.

Some of the sidelights at the meeting are:

An English Qurbana on all Sundays in a central place probably in a chapel for those willing to take part will begin soon.

Active blogger Rahul Cherian suggested creation of a Facebook group exclusively for Bangalore youth and also a blog to express their views freely.

A website for the Bangalore youth would be released towards the year end.

Camps on a regular basis will be arranged to develop team spirit so that the church youth will get to acquaint each other well.

Quarterly conferences of the youth would be arranged.

Develop more co-operation among the members of the youth.

Resource persons will identify youngsters who aren’t involved in any youth activities.

Biblical study sessions and sermons will also be taken up by the youth.

Vicars Fr Saji Daniel and Fr Abraham Thomas, Metropolitan’s manager also took part in the proceedings.

More Pictures by Rahul Cherian

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