MGOC Muscat relaunches Vineyard, the parish bulletin

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MUSCAT : “Vineyard is one of the most wonderful and meaningful name in the context of a parish, Each parish is a vineyard of God, Vicar a gardener and each family is a true vine. My duty is to supervise this vineyard of God and keep it always fruitful. I wish and pray all success to the Vineyard..”
These were the thought provoking message from HG Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Metropolitan, Diocese of Ahmedabad in the relaunch issue of Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church (MGOC) Muscat’s church bulletin, Vineyard.

The quarterly bulletin is back in circulation among church members after a gap of nearly two years.
Relaunched with a new look, the parish bulletin is a four-sheet bilingual.

The volume I (Sept-Oct) issue also contains messages from HH Baselios Marthoma Didymos I, MGOC Vicar Rev Fr James Geevarghese, articles, church news on Thanal project launch and the recent visit of Sneha Sandesham from Kerala.

Also included is a Bible Quiz for Sunday School students and a calendar of church events till November end.

Vicar Fr James has penned his ideas in an editorial titled Thoughts to Reflect. The inspiring piece focuses on five areas namely to transform our relationship with God and calls for efforts to build lasting Christian family values. Mention is also of the Nativity of St Mary, Feast of the Cross (September 14) and on the “Family Welfare Month” in October.

There is also a profile on the new Ahmedabad Diocese head Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios.
The editorial board has Reji Philip as chief editor who is ably supported by Thomas Vergis, Mathew P Thomas, Liju Cherian, Gracy Mathew and Jessy Koshy with P K Koshy as the convenor.

E I Rajan and George Kunjumon provided the finance and layout and printing by Mathew Varghese and Babu Varghese.The general convenors are P C Cherian, Trustee, Oonnoonni Thomas, Co-Trustee and John Thomas, Secretary.

The issue was sponsored by Binu Joseph Kunjattil, Boban Mathew Thomas and a well wisher.

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