Dosa Night Charity Event on October 17 Sunday in Manchester

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MANCHESTER: As fundraiser, a Dosa Night Charity Event will be held on Sunday, October 17 at 5.00 pm to 9 pm – at Hotel Britannia countryhouse by St. George Indian Orthodox Church, Manchester.

All the money raised through Dosa Night will be for KARUNYA VISRANTHI BHAVAN (KVB) which is one of the most compassionate projects of the Mission Board in THIRUVANATHAPURAM.

Family Ticket for the event is £20. Free Masala Dosa will be served for all who attend. Variety of South Indian food will be on sale. There will be variety of multi cultural entertainment from talented performers from North – West Region. Live Music, Dances, Magic show, Raffle etc.

The organisers are expecting more than 300 people for this event.

“This event is open for the public. The benefit will go to any deserving person irrespective of their religion or cast or colour. Kindly be part of this and support this event” the organisers informed IOH.

KVB provides in house care to the terminally ill cancer patients, the old aged and the homeless and helpless community. It currently has over 100 residents, It currently has over 100 residents irrespective of their relegion, cast or colour. Many of whom unfortunately spend their last days here and whose last rites are performed by KVB. While we are blessed with our daily bread, there are people who look forward with uncertainty for their next meal.

For further details please contact Sunil Philip, Secretary on 077259 14983

News sent in: Sunil Philip

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  1. sunil philip says:

    it was a great sucess. we have raised £4000.

    Please look at the comment made by John Leetch MP;

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