Mariam George Passes Away

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KOTTAYAM: Mariam Philip George (60), wife of famous Orthodox theologian and Principal of Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam, Fr. Dr. K.M. George, passed away. The demise was at 9.30 am local time on Friday, August 27, 2010 at their home at Devalokam, Kottayam, Kerala. Funeral will be at 3.00 pm on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at cemetery of St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Vadakkanmannoor, Kottayam. She was daughter of LL Fr. Philipose and Mrs. Thankamma Philipose, Vallyathu, Ezhakulam, Adoor.

Upon hearing the news the Catholicos Elect Metropolitan Paulose Mar Milithios and Metropolitan of Adoor-Kadampanadu Diocese Dr. Zacharias Mar Aprem reached their home and conducted prayers for the departed soul.

Mariam Philip George was under treatment for a while, as she was affected by the painful and dreaded cancer decease. She had served as high school teacher at the MD Seminary High School, Kottayam and took voluntary retirement due to her illness.

She wrote a book during her illness days, ‘Ente Krupa Ninakku Mathi’ (My Mercy Is Sufficient For You), which received wide appreciation. She has also published an album for the solace of the sick, which included songs and prayers.

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6 Responses for “Mariam George Passes Away”


  2. M.P.Mathai says:

    News about the demise of K.M.George Achan’s wife reached me a little late as I am presently in Ahmedabad having joined the Faculty of Gujarat Vidyapith University.
    We all know that Kochamma was seriously unwell for the last few years.
    I was really amased at the way both Achan and Kochamma took the problem in their stride.
    I must say that I saw real faith – living, active and unflinching Christian faith – in the couple.
    Even when they had to pass through the valley of the shadow of death, they stood their ground,
    for they believed that His staff and His rod were there to protect them.
    I am reminded of the words: “I have not found such faith, no, not in Israel.”

    The last time I saw Kochamma was in the lounge of Nedumbassery airport, a few months ago, when they were going to Delhi to be with their son for some days.
    I remember we exchanged a few words of courtesy. Kochamma appeared calm and serene. I was as impressed as I was moved.
    Achan had a few things to share with me about a national seminar that he was planning in the Seminary. In Delhi we said bye and left.

    I do not know whether or how to console Achan. As a theologian he knows what death means and also what Christian faith hold for us.
    As a man of faith he will be seeking solace at the deepest recesses of his believing self, that being the only unfailing source of our strength.
    Though I am quite sure and clear about what I wrote above, as an ordinary human being and as a family man I can feel the wrench that Achan might be experiencing at the physical absence of his very dear partner. So I offer my heartfelt condolence to him and his family and pray that God in His eternal mercy give Achan the strength to cope with the irreparable loss.
    George Achan is a great asset of our Church and I am sure there will be thousands praying for Achan and Kochamma. May I join that large chorus through this column.

  3. Respected Achen,
    My heart felt condolences. I was deeply touched with the song published by kochamma. Shatammama Kayamkulam had spoken highly of kochamma’s will power at the time of illness. I am not in station right now hence could not attend the funeral service. I will meet you when I am back. With Prayer, Koshy Matjhew Achen Mavelikara.

  4. PN Lillykutty says:

    Dear and Rev Fr K.M.George,
    We remember you and all you dearones in our prayers in the loss of your
    dear one. It is not actually a loss but a journey ahead only no?
    May be making clear the path a little earlier.
    May her soul rest in peace ithe PERFECT GLORY WITH THE GREAT MASTER.
    With prayers and love,
    Fr A M Mathai Cor Episcopa ,Lilly Kutty and Children,Ailapurathu,Ezhakkaranadu,

  5. Condolences to Dr. K.M. George Achen and family on demise of Kochumol kochamma and pray for the soul to rest in peace.

    When he was in Delhi Orthodox Centre as General Secretary of NCC (National council of churches), also working with WCC, we used to attend evening prayers and activities based at Orthodox centre chapel. Then His Grace Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios made this chapel as a parish- St. Thomas Orthodox church

    Tuglakabad in 1986. Presently st. Thomas church, Sarithavihar. Georgeachen was the first vicar of this Parish.
    We thankfully remember during those years, Kochamma was with us for all the activities whatever we organize till they left to Geneva. Prayers, food preparation, picnic, whatever. When Georgeachen go abroad for WCC related programmes she used to take additional initiative for parish activities.
    We thankfully remember her that, Kochamma used to prepare” Kanji” for all those who attend evening prayer and we, members from Kalkaji, Okhla indl area, pushpavihar , Vayusenabad and Batra hospital staff, had it many times from her hands.

    We pray for her soul to be rest in peace.

    Paulose Mathew

  6. We deeply sorrowed and pay the heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family members of Rev.Dr.K M George Achen. We thank God for the life and witness of Mrs. Mariam Philip George. Let us pray for Achen and family that they may get strength and courage to withstand at this time of difficulty.

    Fr.Johnson Punchakonam

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