MGOC Muscat releases updated edition of 2010 parish directory

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MUSCAT : The Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church Muscat recently released an updated parish directory of its members. The fourth edition was formally handed over by P C Cherian, the parish trustee, to the Vicar Fr James Geevarghese.

Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, former acting Metropolitan of Ahmedabad Diocese, in his message says: “This parish (MGOC) has been actively involved in the ‘life and witness’ of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and in particular the Diocese of Kolkata (earlier) in various ways.” The directory will certainly help us to know each other, support in various ways and united together to enjoy the fellowship and more as a team for various genuine causes, says the Metropolitan.

The 10-member parish directory committee under the presidentship of Vicar Fr James did a painstaking job spread over months in compiling the data of its 1,300-plus subscribing members.

The exhaustive directory which serves as a ready reference book lists parish members in alphabetical order from A to Z. Containin 312 pages and printed in full colour it provides a quick glance of details alongwith photographs of the husband and spouse along with their date of birth.

Other information like the church identification number (Id No), date of joining the church, area prayer group, blood group, home parish/diocese, details of dependants along with their date of birth, native address, spouse native address and residence in Oman and in India are also provided.

Fr James, says the update became a necessity since the earlier one was done back in 2006. Since the last update the church got separated from Kolkata Diocese (presently under Ahmedabad Diocese) and the Sohar congregation under MGOC Muscat was declared as an independent church and named St George Orthodox Church. The members of the Wilayat of Sohar and nearby areas like Rustaq, Ibri and Buraimi now come under Sohar church.

Also from 2006-2010, 200 new members were added to the Church, many members shifted residence, others migrated, and some had their telephone numbers changed which necessitated the new directory.

The directory include details of the Malankara Association members and Diocesan members (2007-2012), Managing Committee Members, Youth Movement office bearers, Sunday School teachers, Martha Mariam Samajam office bearers (all for 2009-2010), photos of altar assistants and choir members.

Some of the 2010 directory highlights are:

Photos of saints St Gregorios of Parumala, St Vattasseril Mar Dionysius, former Catholicos’, present Catholicos of the East, Catholicos Designate and Assistant to Malankara Metropolitan, Metropolitan, Mumbai and Incharge Metropolitan of Ahmedabad Diocese, Dr Stephanos Mar Theodosius, Joseph Mar Pacomios, Members of the Holy Synod, bishops ordained on May 12, 2010, former vicars of MGOC and their contact numbers are provided.

Messages from Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, MGOC Vicar, Trustee, Secretary, General Convenor – Parish Directory and directory Editor-in-Chief are covered.

An advertiser on the inside back cover has inserted a photo of the Holy Innocent Orthodox Valiyapalli, Mezhuveli, Chenganur Diocese. Established in January 1861, the church is the only one dedicated to the Holy Innocents who were the first martyrs in the name of Jesus.

The directory also has paid advertisements with best compliments and insertions. List of 417 members without photographs are provided towards the end of the directory. Information about the 12 Orthodox churches in GCC along with their address and contact numbers. Also information on institutions run by Orthodox Church like monasteries, convents, orphanages, hospitals and websites where information on the church are also provided.

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