Mar Thimothios commences Two Month’s England Visit

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LONDON: Metropolitan of the UK Europe and Africa Diocese Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios commenced the two month long England visit on August 12, 2010. This is the first time that the Metropolitan visits parishes in England this year.

On August 14 the Metropolitan visited Oxford and on 15th he celebrated Holy Qurbana at the St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, London. The Metropolitan will celebrate Holy Qurbana at Sheffield on August 21st.

Dr Thimothios will lead the Diocesan Family Conference at Stevenage from August 27 to 29.
Metropolitan is visiting Sunderland for a week from September 4th Saturday onwards, where he will also preside over the COCC meeting.

The Metropolitan is to visit Portsmouth on September 11 Saturday and to celebrate Holy Qurbana at Birmingham on September 12th, Sunday. On September 17 he will lead the West Minister Ecumenical Service too.

The bishop of UK Europe and Africa Diocese will reach Glasgow on September 18th and on 19th he will celebrate Holy Qurbana at Belfast.

Dr. Thimothios will reach Bristol on September 25th and will celebrate Holy Qurbana at Northampton. He will also attend the Liverpool Conference from 1st of October onwards. The visit is to end on October 12th.

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2 Responses for “Mar Thimothios commences Two Month’s England Visit”

  1. j koshy says:

    Where did B J Mathews get this news from ?? I am a member of Sunderland church and we are not aware of the plan that Thirumeni is going to spend a week with us. The way certain things are being conducted makes me think if Thirumeni has a secretary and whether this person knows what is the protocol of the church and the way it is conducted. I am saying this because lay members of the church have received Kalpanas about certain proceedings bypassing the laity

  2. Seraphim says:

    The Light shines in the darkness, may the darkness understand it.
    John 1:5

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