Consecration of ‘Malankara House’, Republic of Ireland

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IRELAND: Metropolitan Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios of the Europe and Africa Diocese has consecrated the Malankara House, Dublin , Ireland ( The Orthodox Church House and Catholicate Centre) on June 29. Now the Malankara House is the second Center of Malankara Orthodox Church in Europe.

The consecration has begun with evening prayers on June 29. Vicar Fr Koshy Vaidyan and Fr Eldo Varghese attended the services along with the Metropolitan.

After the services the Metropolitan received the keys of the Center from Parish trustee, Alex Abraham and handed them over to Fr. Koshy Vaidyan, the Vicar, who in turn handed them further over to the trustee of the Parish.

A public meeting was held after the consecration. Metropolitan Dr. Thimothios in his presidential address commended on the unity among the members of the parish. Metropolitan also congratulated the Vicar, Managing Committee members and the faithful of the St. Thomas Orthodox Church at their achievement. John Mathew, Secretary of the parish, moved the vote of thanks.

The Malankara House provides facilities, which enable the faithful to tank spiritual care. The Center also included a well-stacked library and church magazines are provided there to the faithful for reading. Morning and Evening prayer service and Bible classes in the Prayer room are available for all who wish to participate too.

News sent in: Fr Koshy Vaidyan

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