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Clergy Shall not Involve Themselves with Gospel Music Teams: Catholicos of the East

KOTTAYAM: Bull No. 369/2010 issued by the Catholicos of the East Baselios Marthoma Didymus I has strictly forbidden members of the clergy from organizing and holding Gospel conventions and meetings on their own capacity.

The Bull, sent out to all the clergy, is the outcome of a decision taken by the recently concluded Holy Episcopal Synod.

The order clearly states that all clergy in parish services shall not involve themselves with any Gospel Teams or Music Choir Services directly or indirectly, nor shall they give leadership therein.

Such Gospel Teams shall function only with the permission and under control of the Diocesan Metropolitan and they shall not undertake any endeavors outside their respective dioceses.

High pitched voice modulations and songs with faster rhythms can create a hallucination among the faithful and these hallucinations will compel them to run away from realities of life. Such conventions are forbidden, explains the Bull further.