Fr. Dr. P.C. Thomas appointed at STOT Seminary, Nagpur

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NAGPUR: The Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan Baselius Marthoma Didymus I appointed Fr. Dr. P.C. Thomas as Professor at the Department of Religious Studies of the St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur. Fr. Thomas is at present the Manager of the North East American Diocesan Center, New York. Fr. Dr. Thomas is a life member of the Mar Baselios Dayara, Njaliyakuzhi.

Fr. Thomas hails from the Pulluparampil family, Ponga, Alappuzha District, Kerala and is a member of the St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Chennamkari of the Kottayam Diocese. He holds Bachelor Degree in Malayalam, and GST and BD degrees.

He successfully completed Masters in Religious Studies from Senate of Serampore and has worked as Professor at the Nagpur Seminary. He joined the American Diocese in 2001 and served various parishes as vicar.

Fr. Thomas earned Doctor of Ministry in 2006 and Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education in 2005. He has served as vicar at various parishes in the Kottayam Diocese as well.

Dr. P.C.Thomas represented the Malankara Orthodox Church at the National Council of Churches of Christ, USA and has attended various conferences in India and abroad.

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5 Responses for “Fr. Dr. P.C. Thomas appointed at STOT Seminary, Nagpur”

  1. Bryan Mathew says:

    Hi Acha. This is Bryan. Hope you are doing fine. Here we are all fine Acha. Right now, I am going through colon cancer. Started with a growth in my stomach. Couldn’t even eat, stand, and walk up and down. Was admitted in the hospital where Sean and Nirmala chechi works.Before that, I had an appointment with my primary care Doctor. Checked where the pain was coming. When she checked it, she said it was appenidicitis and went to take CT scan. After that, I was admitted in November 26th, had colonoscopy on 29th, and my surgery was on November 30th. After that, there was pain on my stomach and back. Then again got admitted on December 18th and was discharged on December 19th. Because of the air going inside my back.Before getting admitted had a chest x-ray and CT scan.Right now, I have a cath on. 46 hour chemotherapy was supposed to start on January 8th or 10th. Last week, I had a saliva test to see if it is positive. If it is positive, Sean has to take blood test. Yesterday, I had a GI appointment. They gave me soluble water to drink in order to take pictures inside my stomach. Right now, I am fine. Waiting for my chemotherapy to start. It is a 46 hour chemotherapy. Have to take it for 6 months.Every 2 weeks. Maybe I will have to take medicine. After the 46 hour chemotherapy, a nurse will come home and remove everything off. Wished to come to India this year. Hope to see you soon. This treatment is from John’s Hopkins University. Take care Acha. Bye.

  2. Congratulations to P.C. Thomas Achen!

  3. JG says:

    Thomas Achen is one person I can think of whose presence exudes peace and tranquility. When you meet him, you sense his pureness, genuiness, and humility. May God bless you abundantly and may the Nagpur Seminary thrive immensely.

  4. JOSE says:

    May today’s success be the begining of tomorrow’s achivements.
    May the blessing of the Lord with you always.

    Congrats on your new position.

  5. Jigme says:

    Congratulations to P.C. Thomas Achen! Not only is he a very learned and intelligent priest of our church, but he’s honorable, pure-of-heart, and a genuinely kind human being. May God be with you!

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