Managing Committee Proposes Dioceses to the Seven New Shepherds

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KOTTAYAM: The Malankara Managing Committee convened at the Old Seminary on August 3, 2010 put forth proposals to assign dioceses to the newly consecrated Metropolitans of Malankara. The Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan Baselius Marthoma Didymus I presided over the meeting.

Metropolitan Dr. Youhanon Mar Dimithrios will assist Metropolitan Job Mar Philoxenos in the Delhi Diocese. Metropolitan Yaqob Mar Elias will take charge of Brahmavar Diocese. Metropolitan Dr. Youhanon Mar Theodoros is to lead Diocese of Kottarakkara. Metropolitan Joshua Mar Nichodemus was assigned with Nilackal Diocese. Metropolitan Dr. Zachariah Mar Aprem will shepherd Adoor Diocese. Metropolitan Dr. Geevarghese Mar Yulios will be at the helm of Ahamedabad Diocese. Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim is entrusted with the Bangalore Diocese.

The Malankara Managing Committee has forwarded this proposal to the ongoing Holy Episcopal Synod and at the end of the Holy Synod the Catholicos of Malankara and the Malankara Metropolitan will issue necessary orders to this effect to complete the diocese assignment process.

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15 Responses for “Managing Committee Proposes Dioceses to the Seven New Shepherds”

  1. Dear Mathew Chacko ,your intention is to incite the innocents by accusing those two bishops who are’ deffected’ in your words from your church to this church/from that church to your church.Right?
    By the way are you the same Mathew Chacko who attended the recent siver jubilee celebration because of the special ‘request’ from the Theethose metran?

    Thomas Kuttikandathil.

  2. Dear Thomas Kuttikandathil,

    Those who consloe themselves this uncanonical consecration as “closed chapter” they are free to do that. It is the pinnacle of indiscipline by spiritual leaders and it will have a long lasting negative impact on church. If my comments are irrelevant, editor has freedom to remove my comments.

    Best regards
    Mathew Chacko

  3. Dear Mathew Chacko ,now it is a closed chapter.Let us wait for the sky to fall because of all these developments.Afterall comments should be related to the content of the news item.

    Mr. Prince Mathews,Your new metropolitan take over the charge from 15th August.Wait for atleast one year and then assess the situation.

    Thomas Kuttikandathil,

  4. AC Philip says:

    The new Bishop for Ahmedabad appears to be ambitious amongst the lot. I understand he opted for an OKR diocese and let us wish him the very best. Hope he really concentrates on his diocese and keep away from making statements on behalf of the Church in general like recently there was an issue to do with canonization of Saints etc.
    Unfortunately instead of showcasing as a single church it is regretful Bishops behave like franchise holders and employ their own known people as priests and practice different tactics for popularity.
    If a priest is sincere he will have too short of time to serve his parishioners even if they are less than 50. So we can presume the sincerity of those Bishops who undertake whirlwind tours ignoring many of the churches and faithful as if that is what is keeping them moving.

  5. i am really concerned abt the present way of our church administration, i dont know where it is going, we have concecrated many bishops so that they cater the flocks of our church but are they really concerned for them. i dont think so because the reason for that is, i belong to ahmedabad dioceses and its almost one year passed but no developements, its because the lack of interest shown by the incharge bishop or the church hirarchy, shortage of priests, no administration set up till today. for name sake we have dioceses officie and a dioceses secretary, the priest who is holding the post of the seceretary is being transfered to mumbai dioceses and the present position is that the incharge priest is not able to look after the diocese matter he use to travel form mumbai to ahmedabad for a day or two, so how can a dioceses grow. i dont know how a priest is allowed to serve in two diocese at a time that also with two portfolios, or why did the concerned bishop allow such type of adjustment.

    the same is the condition with the parish over their (ahmedabad) the above said priest is the vicar of that parish, and till date no premanent vicar is being appointed,
    so i cant understand that how a priest is transfered to other dioceses if their is a shortage of priest in new dioceses. what abt the flocks in that parish are these people really concerned. i dont know where this church is going on, the bishops are busy with their high profile programmes, so through this media i would like to ask the church hirarchy that have theyt asked the incharge bishop (also the bishop of mumbai) that how many days he had spent in that dioceses or how many times he had visited the dioceses office,

    iam really sorry i have hurted any one with my words, but their no other way, let see now what happens, after the new bishop takes the charge. lets see whether the dioceses secretary continues as it is now, any way i hope for the best.

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  6. Quote – (‘When orthodox church needs bishops it elect and ordinate the bishops’)- It is exactly people believed until recently. It is true that our church do not wait for other faction to consecrate bishops. Best example is Moosa Gurgan’s ordination by two metropolitans defected from Jacobite faction ( There may be excuses for their defection but that was discussed enough in the past). I recall famous ‘ Thimingalam’ story written by Pampady Yohannan Rambachen in Malayala Manorama. How prophetic those words were!!. You see the pain and suffering of church, our own church members turning against the decision to ratify uncanonical consecration by those two bishops.

    What on earth forced our two metropolitans to ordain a foreign person defected from his mother church. If other faction follow same way, then where would we end up?. The mistake is on our side, as a church we should have followed some ethics.What forced the church synod to recognize this un canonical ordination. A bishop or group of bishops are not authorized to ordain another bishop as per sustathicon.

    Our ulterior motives to torpido H.H. Patriarch and the Syriac church has bounced back on us. The mess Mosa Gurgan and his team is going to create in Kerala church is unpredictable.

    Its high time that we show the door to two metropolitans responsible for the uncanonical ordination of Gurgan. There can’t be separate discipline for clergy and laymen. Holy Church is place for those who abide their limits.

  7. Dear Thomas Kuttukandathil,

  8. Absolutely no. when orthodox church needs bishops it elect and ordinate the bishops.The church do not wait for the other faction to consecrate bishops.

    Thomas Kuttikandathil.

  9. Thomas says:

    The way more and more assembly and parliament constituencies are created in the country is exactly the same way more and more dioceses are created. In both cases the suffering is on the common man. Looks like there is a competition between our church and the other faction. Let heavenly wisdom prevail on the managing committee and our bishops.

  10. Philip A.C says:

    I can’t simply take that argument that we consecrated Bishops because Puthencruz Society did it. But I can take the argument when one says that these Bishops are never after the poor.
    At the same time there is no point in saying someone will be no good. If you look at the last election, the ones who got the maximum votes turned out to be a failure and the ones with least votes perform better.
    In short it is not we human give them the necessary support. Let us pray that they are led by Lord Almighty to Serve and not to Serve.

  11. Dear Thomas,

    We have consecrated 12 Bishops recently not beacuse the church will die without these additional number of bishops.But it was a tit for tat consecration, if jacobites ordains two bishops we must do four. Looks like same applies to Brahmavar mission, there is a jacobite bishop named Yacob mar Anthoniose.
    Hopefully we get success full in makinf Brahmavar mission a WAR MISSION between two factions.
    Let konkani people fight for blessings from Yacobs.

  12. C.M.Thomas says:

    Yacob Mar Elias ,for Brahmmavar? What a joke.The ‘Dark Angels” of our church never liked “James achen”.People elected him to be a Bishop and the Powers under the ‘Throne” got even by banishing him to “Brahmavar”.As a church how many parishes we have?.May be the Bishop will surprise everybody by learning Konkini .

  13. “Ordinary layman’s comment seems to bring a wake-up call. Transition from statuesque to transformation.

  14. Are you all Thirumenis listening the corcern of the ordinary members of the church ?

  15. What betterment is these new dioceases and its metropolitans are going to bring to the ordinary laymen of church. Most of metroploitans are after posh and pomp ceremonies by serving the desires of newly rich people. They won’t spare a day to visit economically backward churches and members. To be frank ,I don’t think very high of them. But I have to keep my mouth shut because they carry and take the name of our Savior, the Almighty God.

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